Header Odds

With the World Cup due on Thursday 14th June, it’s about time you found out what exactly you can make your bets on during the tournament. You’ve got a few options, the most obvious being the outright winner, but you could also bet on the top goalscorer, top goalkeeper, most entertaining team, which continent the winner’s from, etc.

All these can be found on sports betting sites across the web who advertise bets on the World Cup 2018. Many don’t, however, advertise bets on how many headers there will be during any given match. This seems an awful opportunity to miss out on so we’re going to detail all you need to know about headers in the World Cup 2018 right here.

What Are Headers And How Can I Bet On Them?

For those who don’t know, or are just extremely naïve, a header in football is when a player uses their head (duh!) to strike a ball in a particular direction, usually into a goal. This is often carried out because players can’t use their hands during football (again, duh!) so it offers an excellent opportunity to try and “kick” it using another part of your body.

Unlike your feet, however, a header can be very difficult to pull of successfully as there is far less control on which direction you can hit the ball in and the opportunities to do so are scant at best. They happen in almost every game but unless someone kicks the ball really high, it’s unlikely to happen too often.

This is probably why it’s so difficult to find a place to bet on headers. Headers occur in almost every game of football that has ever occurred and because the FIFA World Cup is full of professionals, it’s far more likely to occur more frequently and with much more skill.

Are There Alternatives?

For the World Cup, instead of betting whether there will be a header in a game you can bet on alternative wagers that involve headers instead.

For instance, you can bet on whether there will be no headers at all (far riskier than the opposite), you can bet on a particular player doing a header, or you can bet on a header resulting in a goal (or own goal if you’re that way inclined).

Basically, headers are too common for any viable bets and are much more casual in nature to bet on to feature on a serious sports betting site. It might be a good go for a couple of quid among your friends down the pub but in a real game of football, it’s almost pointless.

What Other World Cup Bets Can I Make?

As we’ve mentioned, the FIFA World Cup features many things one can bet on and extremely easily too! Find all the betting odds you need by to find out who is most likely to win the final, whether England will win against Tunisia, as well as a whole host of other things.