Corner Odds

The World Cup is so close that we can almost touch it. On the 14th June, the first ball will be kicked and the 21st World Cup will be under way. It promises to be a very exciting month of international football for football fans around the world!

Sportsbooks are filling up with World Cup betting markets. In this article we are going to have a quick look at some betting markets which are probably not the first on your mind with World Cup betting. We are going to look at the World Cup betting markets relating to corners and highlight those sport betting sites offering corner bets.

Odds Corners World Cup 2018

Corners can be a big part of football, no doubt about that. Corners pose a danger to the defending team, and chances are often created from corners. There are those teams that are more dangerous than others from corners, and there are some sides in the World Cup who will use corners as one of their principal tools to score goals.

Now for the actual corner betting markets. The following sportsbooks are the ones we sourced that are offering some form of corner World Cup betting markets for the 2018 World Cup:

  • William Hill
  • Sky Bet
  • 888 Sport
  • Coral
  • Ladbrokes
  • BetVictor
  • LeoVegas
  • Betfair

The corner betting markets are available within each individual match. If you click on any World Cup match at the sportsbooks mentioned above, you will see some corner betting markets.

The World Cup corner betting markets most notable are the ones offered at William Hill, Sky Bet, Betfair and 888 Sport. For example, at William Hill, these are the corner World Cup betting markets available for the opening game, Russia v Saudi Arabia. We have also noted the odds.

  • Under 8 corners in the match 2/1
  • 8-10 corners, 9/5
  • Over 10 corners 13/10
  • Under 14 corners 1/12
  • 14-16 corners 13/2
  • Over 16 corners 14/1
  • Under 10 corners 3/4
  • 10-12 corners 11/5
  • Over 12 corners 16/5
  • Under 12 corners 2/7
  • 12-14 corners 7/2
  • Over 14 corners 13/2

You can also bet on which team will get the most corners in the match, a double result and corner bet, the team with most first half corners, the team with most second half corners, which half will have most corners, the number of corners each team will get and many more corner betting markets on top of that. William Hill definitely provides one of the most extensive set of options for World Cup corner betting.

888 Sport and Sky Bet offer similar options to William Hill, with many betting markets available on each individual match. As for the other sport betting sites mentioned, there are far fewer options but there are still some there nonetheless.

If you are specifically looking for World Cup betting corner options, William Hill, Sky Bet, Betfair and 888 Sport are great options. It’s quite surprising just how many corner World Cup betting markets are available at these sites. Just click on any individual match at these sites to see what exactly is on offer.