Yellow Card Odds


The World Cup 2018 is just weeks away and here at GoWin we’re already feeling the football fever! This is because not only will the World Cup bring with it plenty of chances to watch top quality football with friends and family, but it also brings with it literally hundreds of new betting markets.

This is why we’ve decided to put together an extensive and comprehensive World Cup 2018 guide. We hope that this will fill you with all the knowledge you need to make some smart, and lucrative, World Cup odds wagers this summer.

One of the most controversial World Cup 2018 bets you could make is to bet on which players will be given a red or yellow card, or which teams will rack up the most bookings in the tournament. Read on to find out more about the World Cup 2018 yellow cards odds, including how you can place one.


Yellow Cards in the FIFA World Cup & World Cup Yellow Cards 2014 Records

Whilst most footballers in the World Cup 2018 will be trying at all costs to avoid being booked, at international competitions emotions can run high! This is when players are in danger of receiving a yellow card, and in the World Cup, it’s not as rare as you may think!

Many UK bookmakers are already offering several odds on card bookings this World Cup, includin which players will receive yellow cards and how many will be given out throughout the tournament. With a few weeks yet to go, however, the only way of predicting this is to look at the World Cup 2014 odds and yellow card statistics.

The total number of yellow cards in 2014 World Cup stood at 187, which works out as an average of 2.92 yellow cards per match! Here are some more yellow card 2014 World Cup statistics:

  • Total Yellow Cards World Cup 2014: 187
  • Team Given Most Yellow Cards: Brazil (14)
  • Player Given Most Yellow Cards: Thiago Silva (3)
  • First Yellow Card Given of Competition: Neymar for Brazil
  • Team Given Fewest Yellow Cards: Portugal
  • Most Yellow Cards Given in One Match: Costa Rica vs Greece


How to Make a Yellow Card Odds Bet World Cup 2018

Currently, there are some UK Bookmakers offering yellow card odds, but we expect the number to rise closer to the competition.

A yellow card bet is classified as a ‘special’ or a ‘World Cup prop bets’. This means that it has a result which isn’t linked to the result of the match. Here are some examples of yellow card bets you may be able to make this World Cup 2018:

  • Player to Receive Most Yellow Cards World Cup 2018
  • Team to Receive Most Yellow Cards in FIFA World Cup 2018
  • Total Number of Yellow Cards in World Cup 2018
  • Player to Receive First Yellow Card in World Cup 2018
  • Chances of a Yellow Card in a Specific Match
  • Chances of a Specific Player to Receive a Yellow Card
  • Chances of a Specific Player to Receive a Yellow Card in a Specific Match

In addition to these bets, once the World Cup group stages begin, bookmakers will also be offering in-play odds for World Cup. These are bets which can be placed after kick off and can usually be quite lucrative.


In terms of yellow card odds, in-play betting options usually include markets such as ‘next player to receive a yellow card’ or ‘next team to receive a yellow card’.