Bookings – some are richly deserved, others not so much, but what cannot be denied is that they are an inescapable part of the beautiful game. They can change matches completely and be the talk of endless debate and discussion among football fans.

The World Cup will be starting in just under a month’s time and with the biggest competition of them all comes the biggest and best referees too. The referees officiating at the World Cup will not be afraid to show their authority and dish out bookings if the situation demands it. Some fans may deem international refereeing a bit too ‘card-happy’ but ultimately, the referees are there to allow the game to run fairly.

So, here at GoWin casino we provide to you some information about the referees due to officiate at this summer’s World Cup. We will also consider the players we feel are most likely to pick up bookings at this summer’s World Cup.

Perhaps this information can allow you to make some informed betting. Maybe you could even put a bet on one of these players to pick up a booking if there is a choice to at your most favourite sports betting site!

World Cup 2018 Referees

There will be 36 referees travelling to Russia. These referees have been selected on merit and represent the best of football officiating from across the globe. There will be:

  • 6 referees from the ANC confederation
  • 6 referees from the CAF confederation
  • 6 referees from the CONCACAF confederation
  • 6 referees from the CONMEBOL confederation
  • 2 referees from the OFC confederation
  • 10 referees from the UEFA confederation

Interestingly enough, there was quite an incident during the 2006 World Cup in relation to bookings. English referee Graham Poll erroneously gave Croatia’s Dario Simic three yellow cards in a bizarre turn of events, before finally remembering to send him off. This incident has gone down in World Cup folklore.

Fifa World Cup 2018 Booking, The Players Most Likely To Pick Up A Yellow Card

1. Luis Suarez

First up, Luis Suarez. The tenacious forward is undoubtedly a magnificent footballer who would walk into pretty much any team in world football. His disciplinary record is a little less impressive though, and Suarez often finds himself in trouble with the rule of the law.

Among his problems has been an unfortunate and rather strange tendency to bite people. Indeed, in the 2014 World Cup, Luis Suarez bit Giorgio Chiellini of Italy in the group stage and was sent off.

Suarez was also sent off in the 2010 World Cup against Ghana for handling the ball on the line. We think it is quite likely that Luis Suarez will pick up a booking or two in Russia.

2. Sergio Ramos

Never one to shy away from a confrontation, Sergio Ramos is our pick for the most likely player to pick up a yellow card in the competition. Ramos seems to always be in the thick of things and seems to have an uncanny ability to get involved in anything and everything.

If you can find a bet to wager on Ramos getting a yellow card at the World Cup, we highly recommend you to do it!

3. Diego Godin

Godin is another player who will always be in the thick of the action. He can be quite an aggressive player who purposefully defends with bite, along with using some of the dark arts. Godin is another player who we feel is more than likely to pick up a caution or two at this summer’s tournament.

As we have alluded to if you come across betting markets which allow you to place a bet on one of these players receiving a yellow card at the tournament, our advice is go for it. This is one thing we feel like we can predict quite confidently at the World Cup.