Underpinning each of the World Cup 2018 match is a referee. Sure, they don't attract as much attention as the players or even the coaches of the national squads. However, without their strict rule-book and their peacekeeping skills, no match could start, much less finish.

Arbitrating and making sure that every single player on the pitch is playing fairly and based on the rules, referees have quite a job. It’s a tall order with so many rules to keep an eye out for, that there is an assisting referee participating in each game. After all, there is simply no chance that one man could possibly keep track of everything by himself!

The rules of football might date back centuries, but the referee has to be aware of them all. Sometimes, the call that a referee makes will attract loads of negative attention from the crowd of the opposing team as well as the bench of the opposing team, so the referee has got to have quite a thick skin to deal with it all.

In the World Cup 2018, refereeing sure isn’t for the faint of heart. With so many bets going on and so much money at stake, each decision that a referee makes could either make you or break you. So know your referees and pray for the clarity of their mind come match day!