Fifa World Cup 2018 Qualifiers South America

Today, we discuss the South American teams qualified for the Russia World Cup 2018 and the odds of a victory.

As many you eager bettors may have guessed, Brazil is the favourite to win the Fifa World Cup due to place in Russia this year.

Naturally, having won it a fair few times, the statistical probability of their winning is much higher than any other nation.

But being a contender in the World Cup means nothing if you don’t win the qualifier. Fortunately, Brazil have got through but what about other South American nations? Say Brazil manages to lose a match? What then?

Here are all the other South American Qualifiers and their likelihood of winning the cup:


About half the South American nations who battled in the qualifiers managed to pull through and are due to compete in Russia. Here is the full list of teams:

  • Brazil: Their first match will be against Switzerland on 17th June 2018
  • Argentina: Their first match will be against Iceland on 16th June 2018
  • Uruguay: Their first match will be against Egypt on 15th June 2018
  • Colombia: Their first match will be against Japan on 19th June 2018
  • Peru: Their first match will be against Denmark on 16th June 2018

Each team has been ordered in position of standing within the World Cup. This means the likeliest team to win is right at the top, the least likely at the bottom.

TL;DR — If you want to make a safe bet, you might want to put your money on Brazil.

Who Didn’t Get Through?

There were quite a few South American teams that didn’t make it through to the World Cup. In case you’re curious, here’s the complete list:

  • Chile: Lost to Brazil 3-0
  • Bolivia: Lost to Uruguay 4-2
  • Paraguay: Lost to Venezuela 0-1
  • Ecuador: Lost to Argentina 1-3
  • Venezuela: Drew with Argentina and Uruguay

While these teams did a good job in the qualifiers, their skillset wasn’t quite good enough to get into the World Cup. Hopefully some of them will be able to next time, though not if Brazil has anything to say about it.

TL;DR — All these teams lost so don’t place any bets on them in the World Cup 2018.

Where to Make Your Bets

You can place your bets on any of the above qualifying team through any licensed bookmakers or online sports betting sites. This is simple to do and it’s easy to check your odds.

If, however, you don’t have time, then here’s a quick summary of all the odds for the first matches:

Overall then, the best bet to go for is a South American team if you want to make any kind of money from the world cup.

TL;DR — If you want to make a safe bet, always bet on a South American team, except for Peru.