FIFA World Cup 2018 Qualifiers


The World Cup 2018 qualifiers took place across six confederations:

  • UEFA (including countries from Europe and Northern Asia)
  • AFC (including countries from Southern Asia and Indonesia)
  • OFC (including countries from the Pacific)
  • CAF (including countries from Africa)
  • CONCACAF (including countries from North and Central America)
  • CONMEBOL (including countries from South America)

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

FIFA World Cup 2018 qualifiers actually started in 2015 and finished in 2017. By November last year, all of the qualified countries were known, with Australia and Peru being the last entrants. They defeated Honduras and New Zealand respectively at inter-confederation play-offs.

Different confederations used different qualifying systems to decide who would go to FIFA World Cup 2018. All of them, however, took several rounds including dozens of matches between different teams in each round.

In all confederations, the first rounds usually included the lowest ranking teams. The winners would then qualify to the next round where some higher ranking teams would join and repeat the process.

CONCACAF, for example, included six such rounds, while CAF managed to select their teams in three rounds. Only one confederation — OFC — ended with no teams participating in the World Cup 2018.

World Cup Qualifiers Groups

The African confederation had 20 of its best teams participating in the final round of their qualifiers. There were five groups over there and the winner of each one would enter the main event. The teams that entered the World Cup this way are:

In South America, the final round consisted of one group of six teams, half of which qualified, including:

CONMEBOL only had one group of 10 teams which played round-robin matches. Half of them qualified to the World Cup in the end, namely:

AFC confederation had three main rounds where two groups of six teams faced each other in the last round. Two top teams from each group then qualified, including:

Plus, Australia went on to the inter-confederation match and qualified as the fifth AFC team in the World Cup by eliminating Honduras.

Finally, the way that UEFA treated their qualifications is rather complicated. There were nine groups consisting of six teams each. The winner of each group qualified immediately. These were:

Then, the runners-up of each group squared off and four winners followed those who already qualified. Teams that got into the World Cup this way are:

World Cup Qualifiers 2018 Fixtures

Now that FIFA World Cup qualifiers 2018 are over, everyone is waiting for the group matches of the World Cup to begin. The first will be played on 14th June and things will really kick off on 15th June.

Don’t forget to follow the championship events and keep in mind that you can already start betting on your favourite teams and players if you want to benefit from the event as well as enjoy world-class football.