Portugal with Cristiano Ronaldo at the forefront is considered one of the best football teams in the world today. In the official FIFA ranking, it’s also the fourth most powerful national team in football.

However, despite their prestige and the fact that they will participate in their seventh FIFA World Cup, the odds on Portugal winning World Cup 2018 aren’t impressive.

This might also have to do with the fact that they have only reached the third place some long time ago in the World Cups. Also, they advanced to the semi-finals and took the fourth place in 2006. Other than that, though, their previous performances haven’t been awe-inspiring at all.

Then again, they had no Ronaldo, Andre Silva or Quaresma. Besides, they won the Euro Cup only two years ago, which boosted the odds Portugal World Cup 2018 team has and their current standings into unseen heights.

Odds Portugal World Cup 2018

Portugal had an easy stroll at the qualifying rounds to the championship. In the group consisting of six teams and ten matches for each team, they only lost once against Switzerland and suffered only four goals against them in total.

This isn’t surprising considering that their opponents were:

  • Switzerland
  • Hungary
  • Faroe Islands
  • Latvia
  • Andorra

So, although Ronaldo showed exceptional form, the odds on Portugal to win World Cup 2018 can’t be based much on the results of the qualifying rounds.

On the other hand, most sports betting sites currently predict that Portugal is quite a likely winner. They’re willing to pay 25/1 for everyone who places an outright bet on Portugal right now and wins.

In other words, this puts them in the top 10 of the likely winners according to these sports betting odds. The question is, can we trust odds on Portugal winning 2018 World Cup as given by the bookies?

Can Portugal Win World Cup 2018?

The 25/1 odds virtually convert to a 4% chance of success. Considering what’s already been said, we can’t say that this prediction is ridiculous.

However, to see if the Portugal World Cup 2018 odds are truly reasonable, we’ll have to look at their current position.

So, Portugal belongs to the Group B which some even call the death group. What this means is that it consists of two obviously strong teams and two underdogs. The participants here are:

  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Iran
  • Morocco

Do you want to guess which ones of the two are the favourites? Yeah, we’d like it too if sports betting was always as easy as this.

For Portugal to win World Cup 2018 odds are obviously in their favour in the group stage. They should also be OK in the second round with Uruguay as their most powerful possible opponent.

Quarter-finals is where things will probably get much more interesting. France, Argentina and other surprisingly capable teams will be waiting there.

World Cup 2018 Portugal Fixtures: Will Portugal Be World Cup 2018 Winners?

Betting odds Portugal to win World Cup 2018 are quite high in comparison. There are several factors why we believe they are likely winners:

  1. The same team won Euro 2016 championship
  2. They have very similar formation today and will use it to their advantage
  3. They have Ronaldo who has already played 13 international matches in three World Cups and would love to end his career with the trophy

Of course, predictions in football are always tricky, but that’s what makes the sport and betting on it so beautiful and fun. Therefore, we believe that the odds Portugal win World Cup 2018 are quite promising, if not a little under-priced, to be fair.

The odds for Portugal to win World Cup 2018 are 25/1 at most sports betting sites. This means a 4% probability, which is just about right in our opinion, if not too low, considering their recent achievements.