Poland Squad

Poland squad for World Cup 2018 will be fairly large, as it seems today, with more than 30 players named. However, such a squad isn’t selected due to the brilliance of all those players.

Quite the contrary, Poland doesn’t have a lot of players that would be well-known worldwide or internationally recognized as the best footballers in the world.

Poland Squad Football — World Cup 2018

Of course, Poland has Robert Lewandowski, the same attacker who scored the most goals during World Cup 2018 qualifiers. While Lewandowski managed to hit the country’s all-time record with 16 points though, other members of the team scored only three or less times.

That being said, Poland’s manager Adam Nawalka wants to keep his options open, even if they’re not as great as might be needed to go far in the tournament this year.

It seems that the world-class striker is almost the only capable attacker in the team, especially since Nawalka likes to focus on defence. That’s the area where Poland hasn’t been the strongest lately, anyway.

Still, the coach is training this team since 2013 and has successfully led it to the World Cup twice, even though they missed it before, so the situation isn’t hopeless at all.