Although the World Cup 2018 is still over a month away, we’re already excited! Not only does the international sporting event bring plenty of chances to get together with friends and family and exhibit national pride, but it also presents plenty of new sports betting opportunities.

That being said, if you’re supporting a team like England, it’s sure to get pretty tense very quickly. Obviously, some teams in the competition have a better chance at winning than others and therefore some fans will inevitably be disappointed.

One of the biggest rules of sports betting is to never let emotions or bias affect your wagers. For many, this means never backing the team they’re really rooting for and so in this series of posts we’re investigating all of the 32 World Cup 2018 teams in detail. This means that you’ll be able to make an educated decision on which wagers to make, based on stats, facts and odds.

In this article, we’ll discussing whether taking a punt on Poland this summer will be worth it, the team’s history at the World Cup in previous years and ultimately, the odds on Poland winning World Cup 2018.

Poland in the World Cup 2018 So Far

Poland have had a very successful World Cup 2018 journey so far. Having won eight of their ten qualifying matches, they managed to sail straight through to the group stages, beating out Denmark, Montenegro, Romania, Armenia and Kazakhstan.

For those who don’t follow European league football, besides the UK leagues, this may come as a surprise. Many of Poland’s star players actually play in European clubs, such as their captain and top goal scorer Robert Lewandowski. This means that underestimating Poland is an easy mistake to make, and therefore the odds on Poland to win World Cup 2018 are actually looking very appealing.

A Brief History of Belgium’s World Cup Performances

The World Cup 2018 will be Poland’s sixth tournament, yet whilst they’ll be taking a strong team to Russia this year, they have failed to qualify for the past two World Cup competitions. This means it’s been twelve years since the country has performed on an international stage.

That being said, Poland did excel in the 2016 UEFA Euros, advancing all the way to the quarter finals where they lost to Portugal in a stressful penalty shootout. What’s more, Poland are currently ranked the tenth best team in the world by FIFA.

All this contradictory history leaves Poland as something of an unknown when it comes to the World Cup 2018. Luckily for sports betting fans, this means there’s definitely some value in backing odds for Poland to win the World Cup 2018.

Poland World Cup 2018 Odds and Predictions

With the World Cup 2018 fast approaching, bookmakers all over the UK are already offering Poland World Cup 2018 betting options in hundreds of different markets. Here we take a look at some of the most popular wagers you can place on the team and work out whether they’re worth it.

So, what are the odds on Poland winning 2018 world cup? Let’s find out!

Poland Odds to Advance Out of Group Stages; World Cup 2018 Poland Fixtures

Poland will start the World Cup off in Group H, up against Colombia, Japan and Senegal. This is a tricky group to take a punt on and whilst Poland should be able to survive, their competition shouldn’t be underrated.

Colombia are the favourites to advance in Group H, which means Poland will be competing for second place. This should come easy to the team, but we cannot rule out surprising performances from both Japan and Senegal. Senegal are going to Russia with some top quality players such as Sadio Mané and Keita Baldé, and Japan will be playing under the new management of Akira Nishino.

This tough group only furthers the idea that Poland’s success is unpredictable at the moment. This means that you can actually find good odds on Poland to advance out of the group stages, which in turn makes for interesting odds Poland to win World Cup 2018 too.

Odds Poland to Win World Cup 2018

As we’ve just mentioned, the betting odds for Poland to win World Cup 2018 are very interesting as there is yet to be a general consensus on whether or not the team should be seen as a real contender to lift the trophy.

At the moment, the Poland to win World Cup 2018 odds stand at around 40/1, which will definitely seem longer than expected for some football fans. This is partly to do with the uncertainty surrounding the team and partly to do with how strong some other squads are looking.

As the World Cup gets into full swing, these odds are sure to shorten provided Poland advance out of the groups. This means if you’re interested in backing Poland to go all the way then now is the time to place your wagers.

Other Odds Poland World Cup 2018

If you, like the bookmakers, think that Poland to win the World Cup 2018 odds are too volatile at the moment, then you may wish to explore some of the other betting markets available.

One of the most popular choices at the moment is to make an elimination bet on Poland. This kind of bet simply refers to at which stage of the competition you think Poland will be kicked out and it provides some great betting opportunities.

That being said, if you’re looking to wager on Poland being eliminated in either the group stages or the round of 16, you’ll find that the odds are pretty short at the moment. Alternatively, if you back Poland to last until the quarters or the semis you may find it to be more profitable than many of the odds Poland win World Cup 2018 options.