Top Goalscorers Russia World Cup 2018

Today, we’re going to discuss the World Cup top scorers odds for the FIFA World Cup 2018, taking place in Russia.

Are you wondering about the World Cup? Curious as to who will be the top goalscorer World Cup player? If your answer to both these is yes, then we may have some useful info for you.

In case you’re wondering what are top scorer World Cup 2018 odds for different players and who you should bet on to become World Cup top scorers 2018, we have compiled a list of the most prolific scorers from every team in the season.

Here’s the top five that you should bet on at World Cup betting sites, plucked from the most likely teams to go far in the competition.


Top Goalscorer World Cup 2018 Odds

While the World Cup 2018 top scorer odds depend entirely on Russia World Cup 2018 betting operator distributing them, we have compiled a list of statistics that go into more detail. Here are a couple of things that we take into account when deciding our World Cup predictions 2018 for top goalscorer.

  • Team: Knowing which team they’re a part of might help their likeliness of scoring goals more frequently. It’s also a good idea to consider who will win football world cup 2018, as the Top Scorer is likely to belong to that team.
  • Goals Scored:Knowing how many goals they’ve scored up until this point helps in knowing the likelihood of them doing it again in Russia, and their chances of becoming highest goal scorer in the world cup.
  • Shots on Target: How many of their attempted goals were actually successful or aimed at the right net?
  • Minutes Played: A total amount of minutes played gives you an idea of their football career to date.
  • Minutes Per Goal: This shows how long you can expect said player to make their first goal of the season.
  • Assists: How many other players helped them on average to gain the goals they got? Whether they had a lot of help or not determines how good of a player they are.

From there, we hope you can ascertain which player is more sensible to bet on. Sometimes, just providing a number isn’t enough to figure out world cup top goalscorer odds.

Who Will Be the World Cup 2018 Top Goal Scorers?

Ahead of the beginning of the competition, it is quite difficult to say for certain who will be the top scorer in World Cup football 2018. However, based on the stats mentioned above, we can make a few smart World Cup bet predictions.

Furthermore, we can also consider the current Top Scorer World Cup Odds, in the hopes that these will give us some more insight into which players would make for a good World Cup Top Scorer prediction.

Here are five players to watch out for World Cup 2018:

1) Robert Lewandowski

One of the most promising players in the World Cup, Lewandowski shows enormous potential to be the star of Russia 2018. Making a bet on him would be your safest, we reckon. Here are his stats:

  • Team: Poland
  • Goals Scored: 16
  • Shots on Target: 74%
  • Minutes Played: 900
  • Minutes Per Goal: 56
  • Assists: 1

This by no means signifies Poland will win the World Cup, but it definitely shows that the team has promise with such promising statistics on one of their World Cup 2018 top players. Poland must definitely be proud they can route for such a talent.

While Poland doesn't have best World Cup odds and their other players are far from being World Cup topscorers, Lewandowski is an exception that you should memorize as he could be in the running to be top scorer in the world 2018.

TL; DR — Lewandowski is predicted top Goal Scorer World Cup top scorer 2018, and therefore may be your safest wager to place.

2) Cristiano Ronaldo

Long-time favourite Ronaldo has scored so many goals for Portugal that he is known as one of the best players in the world, and therefore he boasts great World Cup leading scorer odds.

Here are his stats:

  • Team: Portugal
  • Goals Scored: 15
  • Shots on Target: 61%
  • Minutes Played: 765
  • Minutes Per Goal: 51

Assists: 3
With Portugal having such a great player, it’s little wonder they have been so formidable in the past. Then again, all the players need to be as good as Ronaldo to come out on top. He might even defy all World Cup top scorer predictions and beat Lewandowski. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Besides, Portugal is more likely to advance far and increase the chances for Ronaldo to join World Cup 2018 top scorers than Poland, diminishing the chances of Lewandowski a bit.

TL; DR — As one of portugal football top scorers, Ronaldo would also make for a safe bet as World Cup Top Scorer 2018, and his presence will definitely impact the Portugal world cup odds too.

3) Christian Eriksen

Our third-place top scorer is Eriksen of Scandinavia, and as on of the World Cup 2018 qualifiers top scorers, we think he’s a great choice for your Russia World Cup predictions.

Expect to see him fly across the pitch this summer as he performs gracefully for his team. Anyone from Denmark can testify to this and Denmark world cup odds are much higher thanks to him.

Here are his stats:

  • Team: Denmark
  • Goals Scored: 11
  • Shots on Target: 69%
  • Minutes Played: 1080
  • Minutes Per Goal: 98

Assists: 3
Denmark is expected to play Peru in their first match and they have quite a good chance, we believe as the Scandinavian team have one of the top scorers World Cup on their side. Just wait until their first match against Peru to see for yourself.

TL; DR — Make Eriksen your midway bet at World Cup scorers betting markets for 2018.

4) Romelu Lukaku

Belgium’s turn next with Romelu Lukaku, a significantly strong player who will likely make Belgium world cup odds into some of the best this year. Here are his stats:

  • Team: Belgium
  • Goals Scored: 11
  • Shots on Target: 74%
  • Minutes Played: 630
  • Minutes Per Goal: 57

Assists: 1
Belgium has pretty good Russia Cup odds once Lukaku appears on the pitch. Anyway, facing him better watch out as the man has some serious chances at topping World Cup 2018 top scorer odds, perhaps even surpassing them.

TL; DR — Lukaku is definitely your midway bet at World Cup top goalscorer betting, and he will massively improve the Belgium cup betting odds too.

5) André Silva

  • Team: Portugal
  • Goals Scored: 9
  • Shots on Target: 61%
  • Minutes Played: 783
  • Minutes Per Goal: 87
  • Assists: 1

Portugal has a pretty strong chance of getting far with players like Silva and Ronaldo as top goalscorers on their side. Probably a safe World Cup 2018 bet to wager on them getting far in the competition. Watch out, world! Portugal’s on the rampage.

Not that you should be surprised about that since Portugal won the European Cup two years ago. This only makes their players' Russia World Cup odds higher.

TL; DR — As another of Portugal top scorers, Silva is generally considered to be in the running for the Top Goal Scorer prize. This means that Portugal has two top scorers on its team, so other countries had better watch their backs!

Who Should I Bet On?

While we’ve provided free bet top goalscorer World Cup odds 2018, it’s important to recognise that the only person who can make the most sensible World Cup 2018 free bets is you. Knowing who will be top scorer in World Cup for definite is impossible, and so it’s up to you to take the risk on placing this bet. If you wish to go for a more risky option with higher returns, bet on a lower “score value player.”

If you, however, want to play it safe and bet on someone with very high chances of winning, then someone with good World Cup top goal scorers odds is a better choice for you.

If you want to compare World Cup 2018 top scorer odds made by other betting sites, then you would be welcome to. In fact, we encourage it as it helps you make more sensible decisions.

How Likely is Top Scorer to Win the Cup?

The top goalscorer doesn't have to come from the winning team, but in practice that is often the case. The more matches a team plays, the better chances their players have and this is evident from Russia betting World Cup offers. This means that it’s almost as important to consider who will win World Cup 2018 as it is to consider who will be named FIFA World Cup Top Goalscorers.

For example, if odds for Belgium to win World Cup 2018 turn out to be true and they reach the final, Romelu Lukaku gets a huge advantage over other players in terms of becoming the top goalscorer.

Best World Cup bets aren't always easy to figure out, but we hope this detailed world cup top goal scorers list helps you enjoy football World Cup 2018 betting and, most importantly, benefit from it.

Who Will Win the World Cup in Russia?

Although this article is primarily focused on who will become top scorers in World Cup 2018, as we’ve just mentioned, the World Cup winner and Top Scorer odds are very intertwined.

When we consider our World Cup betting predictions, we must always consider how they work in partnership with each other. So for instance, if you are looking at Fifa world cup betting odds on who is to become the outright winner of the competition, you should assess their player odds and stage of elimination odds too.

All of the countries with players mentioned in this list stand a good chance of winning the World Cup 2018, however the absolute favourites to win the competition are Brazil. They’ll be travelling to Russia with top striker Neymar, who may also be in with a chance of winning a Top Goal Scorer prize.

Where Can I Find the Best Top Scorer Odds World Cup?

Now you know a little more about who may be the World Cup 2018 topscorer, chances are you may want to know where you can find the best top scorer odds World Cup 2018. Luckily for you, in this part of the guide we’re looking at all the places you can find great Russia football odds, as well as how the odds on World Cup 2018 may differ between bookmakers.

There are several things you need to consider when looking for odds for Top Goalscorer World Cup 2018. Below we have listed the main factors to look out for when choosing a bookmaker for this bet:

Do They Offer Good Odds For Top Goalscorer World Cup?

Of course, the first thing you want to consider is whether or not the bookmaker you’ve chosen is offering competitive odds for World Cup top scorer. You can find this out by checking out a few different bookmakers who are offering World Cup top goal scorer bets, and weighing up your options.

Do They Offer Other Russia Betting Odds World Cup?

Whilst you may be primarily considered with the making a FIFA World Cup 2018 Top Scorers bet, you should also consider whether your bookmaker of choice is offering good odds on other markets.

This is because this gives you the opportunity to place a Goal Scorers World Cup double bet. Here are some examples of other bets you could use in combination with a Top Goalscorers World Cup bet for an even more lucrative option:

  • World Cup Most Assists Odds
  • First Goal Scorer Predictions
  • Total Goals Scored World Cup 2018
  • Thomas Muller to Become Top Goal Scorer in World Cup History

Do They Offer Mobile or Tablet Compatibility?

For many UK sports bettors contemplating taking a punt on the World Cup leading scorer odds, being able to place their wagers from a mobile device is important. Luckily, bet-at-home football World Cup 2018 betting is more popular and common than ever before, and therefore finding a bookmaker who offers this shouldn’t be hard.

Do They Offer A Free World Cup Bet?
If you’ve decided to place a wager on the FIFA Top Goal Scorer predictions, then keeping your eyes peeled for a free bet World Cup is also important.

Many different bookmakers will be offering some very rewarding World Cup free betting bonuses and promotions this World Cup so don’t miss out!

TL; DR — If you’re seriously considering getting involved in the Top Goal Scorer Betting World Cup 2018, then we hope this guide has filled you in with all the World Cup 2018 top scorer predictions you need to know, as well as the best World Cup Top Scorer Betting tips and how to find the best bookmaker available.

If you’re still unsure where to start betting on World Cup 2018, however, then why not check out some of the sportsbooks listed at the beginning of this article?