Timo Werner odds – Germanys new hope


Timo Werner is one of the newest additions to the Germany national football team and he is one of the best attackers in the squad of world champions too.

This brand new player is going to participate in his very first World Cup, so many people are wondering what are Werner World Cup odds and how well is he going to perform at matches of such a grand scale.

That’s exactly what we’re wondering too, so we decided to share what we know of this promising new talent in Germany.

Timo Werner Germany Performance

Werner has been playing for Germany for a couple of years now and he has already proven his skills as an exceptional attacker and a dangerous player to deal with for the opponents.

He has played less than 40 matches in the national team and has scored almost 30 goals during that time, so he manages to score a goal on almost every single match on average. Weirdly enough, Timo Werner doesn’t even do that well in Bundesliga where he plays for RB Leipzig.

With that in mind, it’s pretty clear that Timo Werner odds World Cup are pretty high. It’s going to be a perfect chance for this new player to get even more credit and really make a name for himself.

Needless to say, if Germany managed to defend their title, Timo Werner would have achieved the most prestigious international football trophy in the world while being only 22 years old.

Now that would be a feat that not many footballers are lucky enough to achieve.

Timo Werner World Cup Odds

Timo Werner top scorer odds World Cup are also quite high as a result. This player is a fast and skilled attacker who can outplay many defenders by both technique and speed. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Werner in the main squad of Germany’s team in 2018 World Cup.

Then again, Germany has a lot of great players to choose from. While we don’t doubt that this new footballer will get a place in the team for this tournament, he may not always be in the starting squad.

If he will be chosen as the main forward player or one of the main ones, we don’t doubt that Werner will be a very likely player to become the top scorer this year.

Looking at sports betting sites and the World Cup 2018 top scorer markets, Timo Werner is a name that is difficult to miss. Here’s an example of his odds available at various sites: 16/1.

Most sites agree with these odds and they’re also among the highest of all players participating in the tournament. Not only that, Werner seems to have the best odds from all the Germany players.

Thomas Muller is often given the same odds as well, but no other German attacker has better odds. Players like Sandro Wagner and Mario Gomez are not far behind, but even so, not so much is expected of them.

Timo Werner is one of the newest talents in Germany national team and one of the most likely top scorers in the whole World Cup 2018 according to sports betting sites.