Robert Lewandowski odds – Best player in Poland


Almost every team in the World Cup has a few star players, and in team Poland, the man under the spotlight is no other than Robert Lewandowski. Time and time again, he has broken records with the latest being in the qualifiers en route to the World Cup 2018 in Russia.

There are a lot of responsibilities on Lewandowski’s shoulders now being his country’s captain. So far, he has done a stellar job in leading his country to the ultimate trophy.

In the qualifiers alone, he has scored a staggering 16 goals becoming the leading scorer thus far. In fact, Lewandowski has broken Cristiano Ronaldo’s European record to become the top scorer. The million dollar question is, can he continue with this amazing streak in the World Cup main tournament?

About Robert Lewandowski And His World Cup 2018 Efforts

Scoring many goals is one thing, but scoring them at crucial moments is a whole new ball game altogether. In Poland’s qualifying game in Warsaw, Lewandowski single handedly restored his county’s advantage on the 85th minute before securing a win.

This is after scoring a hat-trick in a match against Armenia on the 5th of October 2017 in the qualifiers. Poland won the game 6-1, making Lewandowski’s total goals scored for Poland a staggering 50.

This has not been the first time that Lewandowski had worked his magic in an international game. In Poland’s first UEFA Euro 2016 qualifier against Gibraltar, Lewandowski had managed another hat-trick, carrying his team to a 7-0 victory.

Hat-tricks seems to be Lewandowski’s best friend, as he scored another a year later against Georgia. This time, all three goals were scored in a window of just 4 minutes. How cool is that?

In international matches alone, Robert Lewandowski has scored 52 goals as of today.

Robert Lewandowski Top Scorer Odds World Cup

One thing for sure, Lewandowski has proven to us all that he is extremely capable of scoring goals regardless of circumstance.  In most sites, Lewandowski is part of the top 20 goal scorers, sporting odds of 33 as of today.

Do take note that odds may change as people place bets and as games are played, so always make sure to check for the latest odds before investing your money.

Nevertheless, we highly recommend that you place your bets right away if you have sufficient fate on Lewandowski’s capabilities. We are pretty sure, the bets will become exponentially more expensive once he starts scoring some goals and people realize how much of a football star he is.

Robert Lewandowski Odds World Cup

Poland’s first few games in the group stages will be absolutely crucial in setting the pace of the team. Being part of group H, Poland will be facing Senegal, Colombia and Japan in their first few matches.

Chances of winning the Senegal and Japan matches are quite high, but both Poland and Lewandowski will be tested mainly in the match against Colombia. Winning this particular match will be a massive triumph and in the event that happens, team Poland captained by Lewandowski would be looking unstoppable. So here goes Lewandowski world cup odds – higher than ever before!