James Rodriguez odds: Best player in Colombia


Today, we discuss James Rodríguez so you can see if betting on him being top scorer is worth your money!

With the World Cup only a month or so away, it’s important to start making all the right bets. In case you haven’t bet on the World Cup’s top scorer yet, here’s one candidate we think you could choose.

This time, our focus is on James Rodríguez, Colombian Attacking Midfielder who will be playing for Colombia during the World Cup 2018. You might know something about him already but there may be one or two things you might have missed.

So, let’s take a look at all the facts to do with this particular player and see if the predicated odds for James Rodríguez are worth investing in. What are the Rodriguez odds world cup he will become top scorer of the event? Read on to find out.

James Rodríguez in the FIFA World Cup 2018

Rodríguez World Cup odds are extremely good. As Colombia’s attacking midfielder, he could charge his way into making the South American team on top of the World Cup. He could even assist them into getting really far into the World Cup itself.

Here are his odds for top scorer:

They sit rather neatly at a solid 66/1, meaning that betting on him would be a fairly safe bet overall.

There are safer bets, sure, but what makes Rodríguez so strong a candidate for top scorer might be due to his excellent track record for Colombia This is what raises the stakes for them during the 2018 World Cup.

James Rodríguez World Cup Odds

Being one of Colombia’s best strikers, it’s easy to figure out why James Rodríguez could be a bright new star. Hundreds of sports betting sites list him as a player to watch out for and they make a fuss over who should and who shouldn’t be betted on.

Take a look at his career so far:

  • He has won top scorer twice before for his team and for Colombia.
  • He played for Real Madrid, one of the best teams in the world.
  • He won numerous cups playing for Porto.
  • He is 2x FIFA Club World Cup winner.
  • He is 3x Portugal Super Cup winner

In other words, James Rodríguez is a good player and betting odds on him are pretty definite. It would be difficult to accept if the odds ever changed. He may be an underdog but he knows how to become a formidable player.

Rodríguez Top Scorer Odds

Rodríguez top scorer odds World Cup numbers detail some decent deals for bettors. A solid 66/1 is a pretty good number and it seems like he’ll be one of the top scorers of the season.

So if you’re going to place a bet on Colombia, Rodríguez would be your guy. Young, skilled and accomplished, this Striker is not to be messed with.

TL;DR — James Rodríguez is one of Colombia’s rising stars and a bet on him would be a decent one!