Harry Kane odds – Best player in England


One of the youngest new and top stars in football today, Harry Kane joined the national team of England like a hurricane. He has been playing in the team since 2015 and has already participated in UEFA Euro 2016.

Speaking of the World Cup, however, this will be his first and the expectations of the British are really high thanks to him.

Although it didn’t go perfectly for Harry Kane in the last European tournament, he’s been a really magnificent player in Tottenham Hotspur, the English club he’s been playing in since 2009.

Can he do better than he did two years ago? What are Harry Kane World Cup odds today? Let’s find out.

Harry Kane World Cup Odds

Harry Kane is considered among the top 10, if not five, best current footballers in the world. He plays as a striker too, which means he has a go at becoming the top scorer at the tournament as well.

Judging from his performance in Premier League, he scores roughly three times every four matches. Although Kane’s international performance is slightly less successful so far, many believe that his chances are pretty high this year.

For one thing, Harry Kane odds World Cup are getting higher because he has more experience than he did before during international matches.

Despite the fact that it’s going to be his first appearance in the World Cup, the English team with Harry Kane in front looks more than ready to show that England still has it and can compete for gold as well as any other team.

Harry Kane — England’s Top Scorer

Although the national football team of England has two truly world-class strikers — Harry Kane and Danny Welbeck — the former shows greater promise going into 2018 World Cup.

He’s younger and has shown greater skill, although we aren’t saying that Welbeck is much worse. In fact, both players have a pretty fair chance at becoming top scorers in this case.

When talking about Kane, however, over his whole career, he scored almost as many goals in international matches as Welbeck did over the course of many more matches than Kane.

That being said, everyone’s eyes are directed at Harry Kane only as England’s top scorer and the best man to lead the country to victory after 50 years since the last time they held the trophy.

Let’s just hope that this pressure won’t affect this new talent in a negative way and we will see some amazing moments created by this footballer.

England to Win World Cup 2018?

Kane top scorer odds World Cup markets offer today are pretty impressive as a result. At most sports betting sites, the odds of him becoming the top scorer at World Cup 2018 are 16/1.

Considering how many potential scorers there will be in the tournament, these odds are very impressive. Not only that, only five other players are predicted with a better chance of scoring the most goals.

Harry Kane has equal odds in this betting market to other talents such as:

  • Thomas Muller
  • Romelu Lukaku
  • Sergio Aguero
  • Timo Werner
  • Alvaro Morata

So, if you believe that Kane is better than all of them, placing a bet on him right now might come back as a handful of cash later on.

Harry Kane is a young and new talent in the England national football team and one of the best footballers in the world today.