World Cup 2018 Golden Boot Odds

The 2018 World Cup is fast approaching and as the nation gets set to plunge into football fever, we thought it was only right for us to get behind it too. The sporting event of the year begins in Russia in June and whilst England’s chances of going far are looking as dubious as ever, the World Cup is sure to bring excitement, joy and plenty of sports betting opportunities.

The Golden Boot, which was called the Golden Shoe until 2010, is one of the tournament’s most coveted prizes – aside from the actual trophy of course. It will go to whoever has proved to be the top goal-scorer throughout the event and it’s already looking like a tough competition.

This, however, makes it one of the hottest bets to make before the event begins and bookmakers throughout the UK are offering great odds on a number of prolific players right now. Read on to find out more about some of the Golden Boot favourites for 2018 and why placing your wager on them to win it may be profitable.

World Cup 2018 Golden Boot Favourites: The Top 5 Players

Whilst, as the World Cup is yet to begin, the Golden Boot is still anyone’s game, there are certain players who remain the favourites to win the prize. These players have shown excellent goal-scoring ability in their own respective leagues this year so far.

Yet, their native World Cup team will also have to have a good chance of winning to make sure they’ll play enough matches to rack up enough goals! Check out the top five world cup 2018 Golden Boot odds favourites below.

Lionel Messi: World Cup 2018 Golden Boot Odds

Lionel Messi is quite often referred to by many as the GOAT of modern football. This means, of course, he is the Greatest of All Time and therefore it should come as no surprise that he’s currently one of the World Cup 2018 Golden Boot favourites.

Having performed spectacularly well for Barcelona this year already, and having won the Golden Ball prize back in 2014, he’s a likely winner especially as his national team Argentina are one of the favourites to lift the World Cup trophy too.

Neymar Jr: World Cup 2018 Golden Boot Odds

Brazil are the current favourites to win the World Cup 2018 outright, but it can easily be argued that this wouldn’t be the case without Neymar Jr.

At just 22 years old, Neymar’s 2014 World Cup journey was cut short due to injury. Now, four years later, the PSG player is a more formidable force than ever before, lighting up the French Ligue 1 week in week out.

That being said, back in February Neymar was once again injured yet he should be feeling recharged and more motivated than ever for the start of the tournament.

Harry Kane: World Cup 2018 Golden Boot Odds

Harry Kane is one of England’s brightest stars and one of the best strikers in the world right now. We’re, of course, elated that Kane is in the running to pick up the Golden Boot this World Cup yet be careful to not let your emotions cloud your judgement when placing this bet!

Kane has been on top form all year at Tottenham, and has been the Premiere League’s top goal-scorer for two years on the run. This year, however, it looks like he’s about to be pipped to the post by Liverpool’s Mo Salah, but this could be just the competitive motivation he needs to take winning the Golden Boot seriously.

Cristiano Ronaldo: World Cup 2018 Golden Boot Odds

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Cristiano Ronaldo is a superb player. Having been part of Real Madrid’s victorious squad this season, and being instrumental to their journey to the Champion’s League final, he’s sure to be in good spirits flying out to Russia.

However, whilst Cristiano Ronaldo managed to lead his native team Portugal to victory in the 2016 UEFA Euro, they’re not currently within the top favourites for overall winner. This means that Ronaldo’s 2018 World Cup journey could be cut short prematurely, leaving him no time to rack up plenty of goals.

Antoine Greizmann: World Cup 2018 Golden Boot Odds

Having been the top goal scorer and Player of the Tournament at the 2016 UEFA Euro tournament, Antoine Greizmann’s chances of a sublime World Cup journey this year are looking pretty good.

That being said, the French native has endured a tough season at Athletico Madrid and France have a team full of great strikers. Players like Lacazette and Giroud are sure to rack up some goals for the team, leaving Greizmann fewer chances of competing with the other World Cup 2018 Golden Boot odds favourites.

Where to Find The Best World Cup 2018 Golden Boot Odds

As the World Cup 2018 draws closer, the chances are that the odds will change before then. Whilst the favourites mentioned above are all sure to still be deemed possible winners, football is an unpredictable sport.

With their own league matches still to go, it’s a good idea to keep a close eye on all the odds before making your pick for the World Cup 2018 Golden Boot winner.

You can use websites such as OddsChecker to compare the current World Cup 2018 Golden Boot odds. These comparison websites not only update odds constantly, but they’ll also highlight which UK bookmakers are currently running special World Cup deals and promotions.

Don’t leave placing your bet for too long, however, as the closer it gets to the beginning of the tournament, the harder it will be to beat the bookies.

Today, we explore the potential winners of the FIFA World Cup Golden Boot Award.

With less than a month to go, the FIFA World Cup is almost upon us. Many bets are already being made on who will be the winning team.

One bet that is also being made is on who will win the Golden Shoe (or Golden Boot) aware for the tournament. For those who don’t know, this prize is awarded only to the top goal scorers of the competition and, while not on the same level as the World Cup itself, it’s certainly a high honour to be awarded.

We have more than a few odds to do with who could potentially win this prestigious award. All of the data is gathered from multiple sources and, rest assured, they are pretty solid. Don’t be surprised if they’re subject to change, however.

In any case, let’s take a look at the numbers the Golden Boot winner odds.

Odds on Who Could Win Golden Boot 2018

The odds are in and it would seem we have quite a number of candidates with a fair few odds to go alongside them.

All these odds have been gathered from, a site that checks all the odds of one player or team and cross-references them along many sports betting sites.

Here’s the full list of the worthiest players:

  • Mohamed Salah: 40/1
  • Gabriel Jesus: 16/1
  • Lionel Messi: 10/1
  • Antoine Griezmann: 14/1
  • Harry Kane: 16/1

As you can see, there are plenty of odds here to be going by. Quite a mixture, too, making it hard to know who exactly will be making it as top goal scorer.

We suppose it will become much clearer when we get closer to the end of the competition but, for the time being, here is our best estimate.

Who is Likely to Win the World Cup 2018?

Again, because the tournament hasn’t actually started yet, we can only go off odds provided by sports betting sites that go off past performances of those teams.

There is, however, still a top five and they are teams that may contain at least one of the five top goal scorers above.

Those teams are:

  • France
  • Germany
  • Brazil
  • Spain
  • Belgium

The odds here are pretty tight too and it would be easy to just claim it to be a Brazil victory (as they have won so many World Cups in the past).

However, as history has shown us, World Cups aren’t always won by Brazil and the other teams have a strong chance at it too.

France, for instance, has Antoine Griezmann, a player to watch out for during the World Cup due to his track record of great goal scoring. You’d be wise to place your bets on him as the winner of the Golden Boot.

Then again, the winning team may not have the golden boot winner in it at all. This is why the odds are so tricky. It is, however, probably for the best that they remain separate form the finalists.