Fifa Fair Play Trophy Odds World Cup 2018

Once in four years, every football fan in the world watches FIFA World Cup where the best national teams in the world meet to prove their skill. It’s a great time for the fans and a great opportunity for online betting sites to offer some gambling entertainment.

There are all kinds of options available at sports betting sites. If you navigate to the World Cup 2018 market at any such site, you’ll find an array of betting options and odds for the teams, players and groups in the tournament.

One rather unusual but well-known betting market is that of FIFA Fair Play trophy and the team to win this trophy this year, at 2018 World Cup. Let’s take a look at what it is and which teams are the most likely to win it.

What’s FIFA Fair Play Trophy?

FIFA Fair Play trophy is self-explanatory. It’s an award and a trophy given to the team that participates in the tournament and is deemed to have played the most fairly throughout all of its matches during the cup.

The decision is based on all the players of the team. This includes the number of fouls committed by the team during the matches, whether or not they have earned any bookings.

If they have, the fouls and yellow or red cards are compared to those earned by the other teams. Usually, the winners are the teams that have made the least fouls and earned no bookings during the championship.

Also, the trophy can’t be given to a team that did not advance from its group, essentially eliminating half of the teams from even giving it a try.

FIFA Fair Play trophy is a matter of prestige and has no value that would affect the tournament results. The winners are also given football equipment to use for youth development as a prize.

FIFA Fair Play Trophy Odds 2018

FIFA Fair Play trophy odds this year are offered at several sports betting sites. If you want to bet on a team in this market, here’s what you can expect to find today.

We’ll start the list from the teams that are most likely to earn this trophy, according to the mobile gambling sites:

  • Brazil: 3/1
  • Germany: 7/2
  • Spain: 6/1
  • Belgium: 9/1
  • England: 9/1
  • France: 12/1
  • Switzerland: 12/1
  • Argentina: 14/1
  • Colombia: 14/1
  • Poland: 14/1

Fair Play Award Winners FIFA World Cup

The odds you see above are drawn from the previous performances of these football teams and individual players who play in them as well as the previous winners of Fair Play award.

Here are the teams that were already announced to be the fairest in the World Cups before this year. Keep in mind that the first time this trophy was given was in 1970, so there aren’t that many winners yet.

  • Brazil — four FIFA Fair Play trophies
  • Spain and England — two FIFA Fair Play trophies
  • Colombia, Belgium, France, Argentina, Germany and Peru — one FIFA Fair Play trophy

All of these teams are participating this year and have a chance to win the trophy again.

FIFA Fair Play trophy is an award given after the World Cup and it’s another chance to win some money by gambling on the winner of this trophy at 2018 World Cup.