Edinson Cavani odds – Best player in Uruguay


Today, we’re going to talk about Edinson Cavani and all the chances he has of being the top scorer of the World Cup 2018.

The World Cup is due to take place in Russia very soon and if you haven’t placed any bets yet on who will be the top scorer of the competition, perhaps you ought to start thinking about it.

In our top scorer focus today, we’re going to discuss Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani who is due to play for Uruguay  during the World Cup 2018. You may already know something about him if you’re a footie fan but there are a couple of things you might not yet know.

We’ve compiled some info on Cavani together for your perusal. Make sure you read before you place any bets on him being the World Cup’s top scorer.

Edinson Cavani in the FIFA World Cup 2018

Cavani World Cup odds are good. The 31-year-old centre striker currently plays for Paris-St-Germaine and has a fair reputation for getting results on the pitch. He has scored up to 92 goals throughout his career and that is just for playing for Uruguay.

His odds sit firmly at a fixed 20/1 odds of being the top goal scorer of the World Cup. Not a bad bet to place, if you want our opinion. Nice and safe.

What justifies this figure? There are many factors but the most important has to be the fact that he scored a hell of a lot during the qualifiers and can be accredited for numerous awards throughout much of his career.

Edinson Cavani World Cup Odds

As one of Uruguay’s best players, it’s easy to see why Cavani’s got odds heavily in his favour. Countless sports betting sites and newspapers encourage bettors to put money on him on being top scorer.

His track record speaks for itself:

  • He is a member of Paris-St-Germaine, one of the better teams in the world.
  • He is 4x top scorer for Paris and Uruguay.
  • He is 4x French Cup winner.
  • He is 4x French champion.
  • He is 5x French Super Cup winner.
  • He is 4x top scorer throughout multiple leagues.

Basically, Edinson Cavani is a great player who is not to be underestimated. While we’re not sure about the rest of Uruguay, Cavani always seems on top form and can make a huge difference in the team proceeding onto the second round in the World Cup.

Cavani Top Scorer Odds

Cavani top scorer odds World Cup numbers offer some pretty interesting and promising prospects for Cavani being the top scorer of the competition, if not among the top five. 20/1 are brilliant odds and it would not surprise us one bit if plenty of England fans support him.

We strongly advise putting a bet on him being top scorer of Uruguay’s first match because, although Cavani has the potential to be top scorer of the World Cup, that really depends on if his team make it to the final and we’re unsure how likely that it.

TL;DR — Edinson Cavani is a great choice for the focus of your bets on top scorer!