Christian Eriksen odds – Best player in Denmark


Christian Eriksen is one very well-known footballer in Denmark. The player has been part of the country’s national team for almost 10 years now. Among the current members of the team, he belongs to the oldest members who have played for their country the most times.

Despite that, Eriksen is still a fairly young footballer as he started to play for his country when he was 16 years old.

His experience, skill and energy combined, he is among the best players who will participate in the upcoming World Cup. At least when it comes to the Northern Europe, anyway.

Although he doesn’t get as much international attention as the very top strikers do, football experts and fans predict that he might be one of the players to surprise the world at the tournament this summer.

Without further ado, let’s see what’s so special about him and whether he can compete with the likes of Ronaldo and Griezmann for the top scorer title.

Christian Eriksen — Denmark’s Top Scorer?

Christian Eriksen and Nicklas Bendtner are two most resultative players from Denmark during the last ten years. Christian Eriksen is an attacking midfielder — a position he plays both in the national team and in Tottenham of Premier League in England.

Maybe it’s also because of this that he gets more attention than all the other Danish footballers in England and especially sports betting sites and high street bookies in the UK.

Eriksen World Cup odds might not look very high if we base that on the statistics of his previous performances. That is, they’re not as impressive as those of the very best attackers in the world.

However, it’s the teamwork that makes Denmark the 12th best international team according to FIFA today. And Eriksen, unsurprisingly, contributes to his team a whole lot.

Over his career, he scored over 60 goals. But does this mean that Christian Eriksen odds World Cup are high enough for him to lead the team all the way to the finals? People who place outright bets on Denmark certainly think so.

Christian Eriksen World Cup 2018 Odds

Speaking of Eriksen individually, various sportsbook services allow betting on him to score goals at certain matches or as a top scorer of the tournament in its entirety.

Eriksen top scorer odds World Cup as they are today equal more or less 66/1. For individual matches where Denmark is participating, the odds are much higher of course.

However, if you want to win a lot and trust that Eriksen is in perfect form, you might as well place that 66/1 bet.

Keep in mind, however, that to increase the chances of a player becoming the top scorer, his team has to play in as many matches as possible, meaning that finalists have the best chance.

Christian Eriksen is one of the most popular Danish players around the world and he has the skill to help Denmark show their mettle this year. Some believe that this tournament is where Eriksen will truly shine.