Andrés Iniesta odds – Best player in Spain


Andrés Iniesta is one of the most prized and beloved members of the Spanish national football team. Being the member of it since 2005, Iniesta is now one of the most capped players.

Iniesta has played in his national team for more than 120 times — a number that is surpassed only by a few individuals, including Casillas, Sergio Ramos and Xavi.

Iniesta is a central midfielder, which makes Iniesta top scorer odds World Cup really small, but he is one of those players who can kick penalties and score surprise goals almost as good as any other attacking player.

In his career in Spain, he has scored 14 goals already, which isn’t that bad for someone who has to keep the opponents out of his side of the field as much as help their own team move forward.

Andrés Iniesta World Cup 2018

Another fact that proves just how versatile and skilled Iniesta is, is that he’s also a member of Barcelona football club — a club that needs no introduction, even if you aren’t a football fan at all.

FIFA World Cup is a whole different matter though, so what are Andrés Iniesta odds World Cup this year?

Judging from the fact that he’s been with his team when they won FIFA World Cup 2010 as well as multiple UEFA European championships, Iniesta was part of both impressive victories and big losses.

In other words, he certainly has the experience required to help the team win again.

Spain World Cup 2018 Odds

Speaking of the whole team, Spain has some pretty good chances to reclaim the champion’s title from Germany. However, there are several other teams that are mentioned more often as potential winners.

This includes Brazil, Portugal, Argentina and, of course, Germany. Still, Spain is not far behind. They haven’t lost a single match since the summer of 2016 and their team is now filled with new talent.

We are pretty sure that they’ll qualify for the group of 16 (as their group only has one team that could really challenge Spain). We’re also confident that they’ll advance rather easily to the quarter-finals too.

Iniesta Top Scorer Odds World Cup

Speaking of Iniesta himself, he is undoubtedly one of the pillars of midfield in the formation of Spanish national team. If sports betting sites offered bets on the most valuable midfielders, Iniesta would certainly be among the best ones.

When it comes to the top scorer odds, however, midfielders don’t do as well, even if they’re inclined towards attacking more often. This applies to Iniesta’s chances as well.

Iniesta world cup odds are very small in this regard. Actually, most bookies online don’t even offer the opportunity to bet on Iniesta in this market. If they did, the odds would probably be around 2000/1.

Andrés Iniesta is one of the most capped and valuable players in Spain. Although unlikely to score much, he has a lot of experience, having won two European cups and the World Cup eight years ago.