Alvaro Morata odds – Spain top striker

Alvaro Morata is not attending the world cup after all.

With the World Cup 2018 taking place in Russia next month, you may have considered placing bets on your favourite players. In case you’re undecided about that, here are a couple of facts you need to know about one player in particular—Alvaro Morata.

It’s always best to get a better idea of a player before betting on his performance. The best way we can look at this is by examining his past performance to get an idea how he might play during the World Cup.

Spanish centre fielder, Morata, shows some promise as one of Spain’s better players. You can most certainly keep your eye on him during the World Cup as he has quite the back catalogue of wins under his belt.

Alvaro Morata in the FIFA World Cup 2018

Alvaro Morata odds World Cup odds seem to be on top form. As Spain’s best attacker, he could well be on the way to making Spain a good contender for the World Cup, if not the winners of the tournament. But that’s just speculation.

His odds sit very snugly at around 33/1, meaning that he has a fair chance at succeeding at being top scorer for Spain in the World Cup.

What makes him such a likely candidate? There are a few things but the most important factor is his relative youth and his prowess as a player, displayed in several matches before the World Cup.

Alvaro Morata World Cup Odds

As one of the best players on Spain’s national football team, it’s easy to guess why Alvaro Morata is one of their rising stars. Hundreds of sports betting sites have tallied him as a player to keep their eye on during the World Cup.

Let’s take a look at his statistics:

  • He was a member of Real Madrid, one of the best teams in the world.
  • He won Top Scorer title twice before.
  • He is 2x Spanish League winner
  • He has won a bunch of other trophies for his top player status and performance in all his matches.
  • He has been bought by Chelsea FC for €65 million.

In short, Alvaro Morata is a fantastic player and betting odds on him are pretty much set in stone. It would be hard to accept if they ever changed. Other players would be fools not to recognise his prowess.

Morata Top Scorer Odds World Cup

Morata top scorer odds World Cup offers up numbers which are quite promising. 33/1 is an average figure while many offer between 20 to 25, sometimes even 18. Not a bad figure all round and can even prove profitable to many bettors.

So, if you want to place a relatively safe bet on a player being top scorer of the tournament, Alvaro Morata is your guy.

TL;DR — Alvaro Morata is one of Spain’s best players and a bet on him would be a good one!