All Time Stats World Cup


There are 32 teams participating in the World Cup 2018 this year. Since it’s the 21st World Cup to ever take place, most of the teams have played in this tournament before.

Some of them have done it only once, others attended almost every tournament. The teams have also reached varying results in the past, with only a handful of countries that won the trophy.

Why is it relevant to the World Cup 2018? For one thing, statistics often tell a lot about the team’s potential this year, even if all the players are different compared to the team that participated the last time.

Anyway, some of the best teams today have a long history too, so it’s useful to know a bit about that if you’re trying to gamble at sports betting sites today or if you’re simply interested in the World Cups in the past.

All Time Statistics World Cup 2018

There are many ways we can talk about FIFA World Cups and their results. All of it simply won’t fit in here, but we’ll focus on the most relevant information instead. Feel free to scroll through to any section you’re interested in.

World Cup Teams: History of Participation

Here are the number of times the national football teams entered and qualified to the group stage of the tournament. Starting from the teams with most appearances:

  • Brazil — All 20 of them (104 matches played)
  • Germany — 18 tournaments (106 matches)
  • Argentina — 16 tournaments (77 matches)
  • Mexico — 15 tournaments (53 matches)
  • Spain — 14 tournaments (59 matches)

On the other hand, here are this year’s participants with the least experience in the World Cups:

  • Iceland — debut
  • Panama — debut
  • Senegal — one tournament
  • Egypt — two tournaments

World Cup Winners

Here are the teams that are participating in this year’s tournament and have won the trophy before:

  • Brazil — five trophies
  • Germany — four trophies
  • Argentina — two trophies
  • Uruguay — two trophies
  • England, France and Spain — one trophy

On the other hand, two teams have participated several times before but have never advanced to the round of 16 despite multiple efforts:

  • Iran — four tournaments
  • Tunisia — four tournaments
  • Egypt — two tournaments

Most Matches Won in the World Cups

This time, we’re taking the percentage of matches won in the World Cup instead of the sheer amount of matches won to determine which currently participating team, on average, has been most successful per match in the past:

  • Brazil — 70/104 wins
  • Germany — 66/106 wins
  • Argentina — 42/77 wins
  • Portugal — 13/26 wins
  • Denmark — 8/16 wins

World Cup Teams Most Goals

Finally, here are top five teams to have scored most goals in the past matches in the World Cup:

  • Germany — 224 goals
  • Brazil — 221 goals
  • Argentina — 131 goals
  • France — 106 goals
  • Spain — 92 goals

As you can see, there’s clearly some teams that repeat again and again, which proves that the odds offered by the sports betting sites on outright bets are not random. They’re based on the actual performance of these teams and their previous results.

It’s useful to know the statistics of participants in FIFA World Cup 2018 if you’re planning to place winning bets on these teams.