All Star Team Odds World Cup 2018

In a little under a month the biggest football competition of them all will begin in Russia. The first match kicks off on the 14th June and the tournament runs for one month, ending on the 15th July. The World Cup began way back in 1930, and this year’s World Cup will be the 21st edition.

It will come as little surprise to you that sports betting sites are filling with World Cup betting options ranging from simple World Cup winner bets to a random bet such as Harry Kane claiming a goal that is awarded to another player! The range of bets on offer is already very impressive.

In this article we are going to have a quick look at one of the FIFA awards given at the end of the World Cup; the All-Star team.

What is the FIFA All Star Team?

The All-Star team is one of the FIFA World Cup awards. The best player in each respective position on the pitch in the tournament is named and from this, the All-Star team is made. The award effectively recognises the top-performing World Cup players.

The award has run since the World Cup’s inception, and it is quite interesting to have a look at the All-Star teams from previous World Cups. You will see some legendary players in the All-Star teams, including the likes of Pele, Ronaldo, Diego Maradona and Franz Beckenbauer.

FIFA All Star Team World Cup Odds

We couldn’t find any specific bets relating to the FIFA All-Star team at any of the sports betting sites. Perhaps once the tournament is under way, some betting markets for the FIFA All-Star team will open.

However, you can get some kind of idea of who might be in the All-Star team by looking at World Cup betting markets such as the Golden Ball winner, Golden Glove winner, Golden Boot winner and player with the most assists. Indeed, you could effectively bet on your own All-Star team by betting at these markets!

World Cup 2014 All Star Team

The FIFA All-Star team has changed in nature over the past two World Cups. In the 2010 and 2014 World Cups, an online poll was conducted to form an All-Star team of sorts.

FIFA didn’t actually officially release an All-Star team for the last World Cup in 2014, but the online poll mentioned above and a Castrol Index Top 11 team were formulated, which put together some forms of All-Star teams.

World Cup 2014 Online Poll Team

Germany were victorious in 2014 and won their fourth World Cup. It is little surprise then that the World Cup 2014 online poll team comprised of four Germany players, Manuel Neuer, Mats Hummels, Toni Kroos, and Thomas Muller. Germany manager, Joachim Low, was voted as the manager.

Here is the full World Cup 2014 All-Star team chosen from the online poll.

  • Manuel Neuer
  • Marcelo
  • Mats Hummels
  • Thiago Silva
  • David Luiz
  • Angel Di Maria
  • Toni Kroos
  • James Rodriguez
  • Lionel Messi
  • Thomas Muller
  • Neymar

World Cup 2014 Castrol Team

The Castrol team was chosen by statistical data collected. Five Germany players were part of the team including, Manuel Neuer, Mats Hummels, Toni Kroos, Philipp Lahm and Thomas Muller.

The team in full:

  • Manuel Neuer
  • Marcos Rojo
  • Mats Hummels
  • Thiago Silva
  • Stefan de Vrij
  • Oscar
  • Toni Kroos
  • Philipp Lahm
  • James Rodriguez
  • Arjen Robben
  • Thomas Muller

It will be interesting to see who makes the All Star team at this summer’s World Cup, regardless of the method the team is chosen with. You can make All-Star team betting of sorts by placing bets on the betting markets mentioned in this article. Now, get ready, it’s nearly time for kick-off!