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Written by Martina | 14th May 2018
Live Betting Expert

When it comes to professional sports such as football, the most talented players can stay at the top for only a handful of years. As a result, the rotation of players is very rapid and every single year new athletes come in place of those who have already played their share of the games. This is very apparent in the World Cups since they only happen once in four years, so there are always new and promising football stars to debut on such a grand international stage. FIFA World Cup 2018 is no exception — every single team has some new and brilliant players that haven’t played in their ranks before.

Harry Kane is a great example from England. He has never played in a World Cup before but is considered one of the most likely top scorers in this year’s tournament. In fact, you can even place a bet at some sports betting sites on a player to become the top scorer of 2018 World Cup, and Harry Kane offers some of the best odds.

This FIFA World Cup is going to be exciting for many reasons. Not only are national teams entirely different from the clubs, the concentration of talented players is nowhere as obvious as it is at World Cups.

Top Players World Cup 2018

List of Players World Cup 2018
Christiano Ronaldo
Christian Eriksen
Andres Iniesta
Eden Hazard
Edison Cavani
Harry Kane
James Rodriguez
Antoine Greizmann
Gabriel Jesus
Kevin de Bruyne
Keylor Navas
Lionel Messi
Luka Modric
Robert Lewandowski
Timo Werner
Toni Kroos
Alvaro Morata
Mohamed Salah
Philippe Coutinho
Luis Suarez
Paul Pogba
Sergio Ramos
Romelu Lukaku
Javier Hernandez
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