Peru Starting Eleven

Plenty of countries have already announced that they have chosen their 23 squad line-up, even though the deadline isn’t until 4th June. Peru are one of those teams, having only just announced their team a couple of days ago. But which 11 of the 23 among their rank will make it to the first match?

The 23 Peruvian players heading to Russia for the World Cup are:

  • Gallese, Carvallo, Corzo, Advincula, Aruajo, Rodriguez, Ramos, Santamaria, Abram, Trauco, Tapia, Aquino, Yotun, Pena, Flores, Hurtado, Cartagena, Loyala, Cueva, Farfan, Polo, Ruidiaz

Out of all these players, only 11 can get into Peru’s first World Cup 2018 match against Denmark on 16th June. That means 12 will have to wait another day to play but that by no means indicates any of them will miss out. While we have yet to receive a list of the 11 players, we can speculate based on Peru’s past performances.

Here’s our predictions for the top 11 players who will start Peru off in the World Cup:

  • Farfan
  • Carvallo
  • Abram
  • Flores
  • Ramos
  • Dier
  • Santamaria
  • Polo
  • Rodriguez
  • Ruadiaz

Of all the players, we reckon Farfan will be Peru’s star of the match. He is the player with the best track record and the most experienced at 33 years old. We can’t wait to see how he performs against Denmark during their first match.