FIFA World Cup 2018 has already brought some surprises, even though it hasn’t started yet. Like every year, some teams that were expected to qualify for the tournament did not and those that weren’t expected to qualify did.

For example, Italy, Greece and Netherlands are some of the teams that people were looking forward to seeing in the tournament, but that isn’t going to happen.

On the other hand, teams like Panama were unlikely to fill in the empty slots. But they did and now Panama World Cup 2018 odds are better than ever.

Coached by Hernán Darío Gómez from Colombia, Panama did the unexpected and qualified to the World Cup by defeating Haiti and Jamaica, and then collecting just enough points in the next stage to qualify with Mexico and Costa Rica, overcoming Honduras, the US and Trinidad and Tobago.

What are the exact odds on Panama winning World Cup 2018, though? Let’s find out.

World Cup 2018 Panama Debut

Although they just barely managed to advance from their confederation group, Panamanians must be proud of their national team because they qualified to a World Cup for the first time in history.

They have tried ten times before and didn’t succeed, but the last two attempts under the leadership or Gómez went much better than the previous ones. This year, that proved to be just enough to finally step over that threshold and increase the odds Panama World Cup 2018.

Is Panama strong enough to advance even further, though? Whatever the case, doing so won’t be easy with the opponents they will be forced to meet. That’s especially true considering the difficulties Panama met playing against weaker teams from CONCACAF confederation.

Panama World Cup Odds

The odds on Panama to win World Cup 2018 are fairly low. They got into Group F with three other teams which are:

It would definitely be a victory against all odds if they managed to defeat Belgium or England. Tunisia is an opponent that they’re more likely to defeat, but that wouldn’t be enough to advance to the group of 16, unless the other teams also fail at some point.

World Cup 2018 Panama fixtures are scheduled in a way that they will have to face the strongest opponents first. That’s Belgium, followed by England and Tunisia for one of the last matches in the group stage.

We’re not saying that it’s impossible for Panama to go any further, but the odds are really low. Again, this isn’t surprising for a team that’s participating in such an event for the first time.

On the bright side, even if they only get to play three matches in this year’s tournament, it might just be the experience they need to grow as a team and perform better next time.

Anyway, Panama to win World Cup 2018 odds at various sports betting sites are somewhere along the lines of:

  • Outright betting odds Panama to win World Cup 2018: 1000/1
  • Elimination at group stage odds: 1/16
  • Odds to advance from the group with Belgium: 80/1
  • Odds to finish at the bottom of the group: 8/15

Panama FIFA Ranking

These odds on Panama winning 2018 World Cup or just advancing are not surprising since other teams in this group are simply better. This is clear from the team ranking too. Panama is currently 48th best team in the world, which isn’t that bad, but not enough to go far in an event like the World Cup.

Only Tunisia is lower than Panama if we stick to the Elo rating. However, FIFA places them in the top 15 today if we’re to trust that number.

Statistics aside, it would be a historical moment if Panama proved us wrong and went against the odds for Panama to win world cup 2018. This would be one of the moments that we, the football fans, are living for.

Panama Matches in World Cup 2018

England – Panama

Panama – Tunisia

Belgium – Panama

Panama qualified to the World Cup for the first time ever and is one of the underdogs in the tournament. The odds Panama win World Cup 2018 are low, but it doesn’t mean there are no ways for them to do it.