There’s nothing quite like supporting your national team in the World Cup. Unlike league football, everyone in the pub is rooting for the same side and there’s a sort of football fever that comes over the whole country.

However, as England supporters, it can also feel a bit terrifying. England doesn’t haven’t had the best World Cup record in recent tournaments, and in fact it’s been 12 years since we even reached a quarter final.

This history makes watching England emotional and when tensions are high the last thing you want to do is place a sports bet. We always recommend leaving your feelings to the side when it comes to taking a punt on a team, which is why we’ve devised this series of articles.

In each article, we’ll talk you through one of the other 31 teams in the games, their chances of success and what their World Cup odds are shaping up to be. This means you can leave your emotions out of the equation and make a smart wager.

Nigeria may seem like an underdog team to many however they have a good history so far and therefore the odds on Nigeria winning World Cup 2018 may seem surprising. That being said, in order to stay in the race they’ll need to beat off some tough competition in the group stages.

Read on to find out all about the Nigeria World Cup odds 2018, and if they can be considered worth backing this year.

Nigeria in the World Cup 2018 So Far

Nigeria have had an amazing journey in the 2018 World Cup so far and their unbeaten qualification run has left many thinking they could go the whole way. In their group stages, the ‘Super Eagles’ beat out Cameroon, Zambia and Algeria, winning four games and drawing two.

Furthermore, Nigeria managed to score a grand total of 12 goals within their six qualifying games, and only conceding two. This was an impressive display of talent and it means that Nigeria are looking like one of the strongest African teams in the whole tournament.

So, will Nigeria advance from the group stages and go out to lift the trophy? The odds on Nigeria to win World Cup 2018 are still looking risky, but it does mean that taking a punt on the Eagles could pay off.

A Brief History of Nigeria’s World Cup Performances

Nigeria made their first World Cup appearance in 1994, and they have qualified for six of the last seven international tournaments. They have also reached the round of 16 three times, however they are yet to advance past this point.

That being said, such a rich history means that you should be watching the Nigeria World Cup 2018 odds carefully as they’re currently very unpredictable.

What’s more, Nigeria is going to Russia with as strong a team as ever before. Forwards Victor Moses and youngster Kelechi Iheanacho are showing great promise at the moment and will surely be keen to score a few goals on the world stage.

If you’re planning on backing odds on Nigeria winning 2018 World Cup, then we can definitely see why. That being said, the do face stiff competition in the group stages and they do also run the risk of fizzling out too early.

Nigeria World Cup 2018 Odds and Predictions

In case you didn’t know already, there’s only just over a month to go until the World Cup 2018 kicks off.

This means that there are hundreds of betting markets open already, and plenty of odds Nigeria World Cup 2018 options. Here’s just some of the main bets you could place on Nigeria this summer.

Nigeria Odds to Advance Out of Group Stages

In every World Cup there is one group that pundits refer to as the ‘group of death’ and this tournament, that’s Group D which includes Nigeria. This means that the Super Eagles will have to beat out Argentina, Iceland and Croatia to advance, which won’t be easy.

Argentina are the favourites to advance in this group, but given that Nigeria recently beat them in a friendly, it would be stupid to underestimate the African team.

Odds Nigeria to Win World Cup 2018

At the moment, the betting odds Nigeria to win World Cup 2018 stand at around 200/1 although some bookmakers are offering 150/1 odds too. Whilst this means that the bookmakers are certainly not backing Nigeria to win, this could all change very quickly once the group stages get underway.

We’d actually recommend refraining from placing an odds for Nigeria to win world cup 2018 wager right now. Instead, we’d suggest waiting until the competition draws closer.

World Cup 2018 Nigeria Fixtures

If you’re going to take our advice and wait off placing a Nigeria to win World Cup 2018 odds bet right this minute, then you may be interested in some of the other markets available.

For instance, you could also back a Nigerian player, such as Moses or Iheanacho to become the top goalscorer of the tournament and therefore bag the Golden Boot prize. You could also place a wager on at which stage of the competition Nigeria may be eliminated.

At the moment, many bookmakers are offering good odds on Nigeria to reach the quarter finals, at 12/1 and so this could be the bet to place over odds Nigeria win World Cup 2018 options.