Watch World Cup Live in Wigan

Watch World Cup live in Wigan at some of the best pubs in the entire country that offer a snug environment, an array of beers and other drinks, and sports from dozens of TV screens at once.

Let’s take a look at two Wigan World cup venues right now, so you won’t need to look for live football experience anywhere else.

World Cup Live Football in Wigan

Both of the pubs below will be broadcasting every single World Cup 2018 match during the competition this year, which means there will be up to four matches per day available for the fans to watch for free during any day of the competition.

Live Football Show at The Berkeley

The Berkeley is self-titled ‘Wigan’s Best Pub’ and when it comes to the World Cup, they don’t seem to be wrong about it. The venue has dozens of TV screens in high definition as well as an outdoor projector that will undoubtedly attract hundreds in the following days.

There are also booths and seats comfortable enough to keep you sitting and watching the World Cup for hours on end if you’re up for it. Book a table or a booth today so you can freely enjoy the match that you and your friends are waiting for the most.

Watch Live Football for Free at Harry’s Bar

If you’re from Wigan, we don’t need to introduce Harry’s Bar to you. Located by the Wallgate, Harry’s Bar is the top destination for everyone thirsty for some quality ale or an evening watching sports.

World Cup 2018 is the perfect opportunity for Harry’s Bar to attract even more people than usual and they’ll broadcast every single match of the tournament, just like The Berkeley.

Wigan may not have as many World Cup venues as the largest cities in the UK, but it has enough options to offer you a good choice.