Live Odds


In today’s post, we’ll be discussing how live odds can affect the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

When it comes to the FIFA World Cup, which will be taking place in less than a month’s time, there are plenty of live odds you can interact with.

You can bet on anything from the outright winner of the tournament, to who will be the best player, to which match will have the most penalties. The options are plentiful and make sports betting a much more varied experience.

It can be confusing if you’re a newcomer, however, as all these different bets could overwhelm you and make it a much more baffling enterprise than it otherwise should be.

Here are all the commonly made live odds to do with the World Cup 2018.

Live Odds: Outright Winner

The first, and most obvious, live odds you can bet on are the outright winners of the World Cup, i.e.: who will get to the final and beat the other team, thereby conquering the entire competition.

We’re not here to tell you who you should bet on (that decision is yours and yours alone), we’re here to just tell you what kind of live odds you can wager.

Here are the top five teams pegged to be the outright winners of the World Cup 2018:

  • Brazil: 23/5
  • Germany: 5/1
  • Spain: 13/2
  • France: 7/1
  • Argentina: 11/1

Please bear in mind, these live odds are subject to change during the progression of the tournament and should not be taken as fixed.

TL;DR — You can bet on outright winner live odds for the World Cup 2018.

Live Odds: Best of Continent Team

While some nations may never reach the final, they do have the potential to become the top team of the continent their nation is from.

For example, you could bet on either Japan or South Korea being the top Asian team for the 2018 World Cup, or you could bet on Senegal or Nigeria to be the best African team.

Generally, these teams don’t reach the final but still represent what is considered to be the elite in football. To hold the title of Best of Continent is an honour indeed.

Again, however, these odds are likely to change depending on which way the tournament goes.

TL;DR — Bet on live odds of which team will be the best out of the entire continent in the World Cup.

Live Odds: Continent of Winner

As a crossover of the two previous live odds, you could bet on live odds on which continent the winner will be from.

Now, given that the teams most likely to win are most likely set in stone, here are the odds given to teams of the rest of the world in comparison:

  • Europe: 4/11
  • South America: 21/10
  • Rest of the World: 33/1

Once again, depending on how the tournament plays out, these odds may change dramatically so you’d be best making the bet as close to the time as possible.

TL;DR — Bet on which continent will win the World Cup 2018.