Watch World Cup Live in London

Watch World Cup live in London because it’s one of the best cities to be in during FIFA World Cup 2018. With hundreds of venues and pubs with TVs and large screens broadcasting the tournament, you won’t have to look for an exciting spot for long.

World Cup Live Football in London

We could make a long list of World Cup live pubs, but instead of that, we’ll focus on our favourites in this city, where you will be able to watch every single football match in the competition and meet hundreds of fans enjoying it just like you.

FIFA World Cup 2018 at Flat Iron Square

Flat Iron Square near the London Bridge has a lovely garden with a huge screen perfect for an occasion like the World Cup 2018. You can watch it outside, inside or in Après London ski chalet, starting from 14 June.

There’s no booking in the garden though, so be early to claim a table while it’s there because the place will be filled with football fans waiting for each match.

Live Football Show at The Warwick

Located near Regent St., The Warwick is a lovely venue for all kinds of occasions, and World Cup is definitely one of those.

All the World Cup matches will be shown live on the TVs inside and the perfect food and drinks will keep you happy even if your favourite team doesn’t.

Watch Live Football for Free at Roadhouse

Roadhouse is another lovely London pub for all Russia World Cup 2018 fans. All the games will be shown live, the entry is free and the huge plasma screens will make you feel almost as if you were there in the stadium.

You can book a table any time, but be quick about it because you aren’t the only one who wants to enjoy this kind of football in front of the screens this size.

London is a great city to go out and watch live World Cup matches among other fans, with many venues offering advantages of their own.