Watch World Cup Live in Fife

Live in Fife? Then you’re probably wondering where you can watch the World Cup 2018 live in your area. Sure, you can watch it in your front room. Bring your mates round. Crack open a few beers. But where’s the fun in that?

That’s where we come in. Today, we’re going to share all the best places in Fife where you can view the World Cup as it unfolds.

Where to watch the World Cup in Fife?

The Station Buffet – A great place for inexpensive fare, pints and friendly atmosphere, The Station Buffet is also a great place to watch the footie on multiple screens.

Pitlessie Village Inn – 96 inch TV awaits the visitors of this village pub, as well as locally sourced food and cold drinks. If it's a long night, why not crash in one of the newly refurbished rooms upstairs?

The Seven Kings, Dumferline

As one of the best places in Dumferline, this pub has a lot of nice comfy booths for fans to sit nicely on as they watch the game. Plenty of TVs are dotted around the place, making your viewing experience an absolute breeze and the price of a pint isn’t bad either.

McPhail’s, Leven

Boasting a whopping 12 screens scattered around the venue, McPhail’s is Leven’s place to be for the World Cup viewing. You couldn’t ask for a more spacious place to visit and makes an obvious first choice for locals to visit during the football season.

There’s a fun and friendly atmosphere when it comes to McPhail’s and that makes it extremely welcoming. Be sure to give this venue a visit when watching World Cup matches.

The Blue Stane, St. Andrews

Six big screens, a comfy bar area and a garden are what make St Andrews’ top bar one of Fife’s best venues for the World Cup 2018. Comfortable and friendly, the Blue Stane will quickly become a favourite if you choose it to watch the World Cup.

Expect delicious snacks and plenty of beverages to keep you happy. Please be advised, however, that it would be best to book ahead as this venue fills up fast when it comes to the World Cup.