Watch World Cup Live in Edinburgh

Excitement is bubbling throughout the football world as the World Cup begins. A month of international football in these surprising warm summer evenings, does it get much better?

Although Scotland didn’t qualify for the World Cup, we are sure that Edinburgh’s pubs and bars will be filled with eager football fans during the World Cup action. But where are the best spots to watch the football? Read-on as we reveal three of the best.

Where Can I Watch the World Cup In Edinburgh?

McSorleys Irish Bar & Pub – What better place than an Irish pub for live sports and good pub grub, not to mention cold pints and the company of your mates?

Malones Irish Bar – A live music institution, Malones also shows World Cup matches on large screens. The crowd is friendly and the pints of Guiness never ending.

McSorleys Ediburgh

A classic Irish pub that never fails to deliver a great night. There are four 20-foot-high HD cinema-style screens in McSorleys, which are sure to attract a large crowd during the World Cup.

Expect the beer to flow and the atmosphere to grow and grow in McSorleys. For the classic Irish pub experience, McSorleys is the place to be.

Belushi’s Edinburgh

If you are looking for a bustling spot which is sure to be rowdy and lively, Belushi’s is the place to go. Belushi’s has a bit of that cool, Rock n Roll feel about it and we are sure the big World Cup matches will bring a party-like atmosphere to this lively establishment. Their Grand Opening Party for the first match is bound to be quite something.

The Three Sisters Edinburgh

This list would not be complete without mentioning this gem. A favourite of sports fans throughout Edinburgh, this pub is bound to be the go-to place for many football fans during the World Cup.

The enormous outdoor screen and spacious beer garden are the perfect combination, and we are sure The Three Sisters is going to be busy during the World Cup action. You will find this famous pub on 139 Cowgate.

Of course, there are many great places to watch football in Edinburgh. Still. McSorleys, Belushi’s and The Three Sisters are sure to be three of the very best spots to watch all the World Cup action.