Watch World Cup Live in Dudley

So, you want to watch World Cup live in Dudley? There sure is more than one venue in the city that is perfect for Russia World Cup 2018 and each of them will be using the opportunity to deliver.

So, there’s no need to go to Birmingham or anywhere else because the sports pubs in the centre of Dudley will be just as lively as London itself.

World Cup Live Football in Dudley

Not all the venues where sports are a usual addition to their commodities will broadcast every single match of the World Cup, however. While many will only pay attention to some separate matches, we will focus on pubs which go all the way.

So, if you decide to visit one of these two places, you can rest assured that there will be World Cup action catching everyone’s attention whenever there is a match in progress over on Russia, be it England’s or Saudi Arabia’s match.

Live Football Show at The Saracens Head

The Saracens Head is one of the sports pubs in the centre of Dudley that is going to broadcast all the World Cup matches starting from the opening match between Russia and Saudi Arabia and ending with the final.

It has a beer garden as well as a large hall indoors to fit as many football fans as it takes to get the most out of an evening in the city during the worldwide World Cup fever.

Watch Live Football for Free at Tenpin

Tenpin Dudley is another pub in the centre of the city where you will be able to watch any match you like live. This means live football from Russia World Cup almost non-stop during the group stage and crowded tables during the second round.

Dudley is just the right place to be when the World Cup launches off, so you don’t need to travel anywhere to enjoy the most of it. Places like The Saracens Head and Tenpin will tend to all your football needs.