Watch World Cup Live in Coventry

Watch World Cup live in Coventry, whether you choose Castle Grounds, The Aardvark, Rileys or another venue where World Cup will be offered to the visitors. Each bar has something of its own to offer to the World Cup fans and that’s what we’ll explore right there.

World Cup Live Football in Coventry

Coventry is far from the worst place to be during the World Cup. It’s quite the opposite in fact, with many places out in the centre focusing on this occasion and offering live sports all the way from 14 June to 15 July.

FIFA World Cup 2018 at Castle Grounds

Castle Grounds is an example of a great venue for all the local Russia World Cup spectators and international football fans.

You can book a table in advance, so you can be sure to find a place whenever you come in. There’s more than one TV available in the venue, which guarantees a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Live Football Show at Rileys

Rileys at Hertford Place Sporting Centre is an amazing World Cup spot for several reasons.

Not only does it show everything from the first tournament minute to the last one, it also includes special packages for the fans including reservation, a burger with fries and a bottle of beer or a soft drink to start the perfect evening with football.

Watch Live Football for Free at The Aardvark

Aside from the fact that The Aardvark will broadcast all the matches in this competition, it’s a great place to watch football due to great food and amazing package deals for beverages for a group of people.

The Aardvark is definitely better, more convenient and exciting than simply watching live matches on TV at home.

Coventry is full of pubs and venues that are aware of the World Cup and broadcast every single game. Not only that, some include special packages for the fans of this tournament in specific.