Live Bets


Live betting is a big deal in sports betting and it is probably as exciting as it gets for sports betters. What can really beat placing sports bets whilst the action unfolds in front of your eyes? Maybe you sense a team is about to score a goal or concede a goal well, why not put some money on it happening?

With the World Cup just weeks away, sportsbooks are filling up with World Cup betting options. International tournament football can be much more difficult to predict than domestic leagues, considering the amount of challenges teams will face which are particular to tournament football.

Still, those World Cup bets will be flying in from all angles, and live betting is sure to be a big part of it all.

Live Bets Football World Cup

Here are some of the live betting sportsbooks we recommend for World Cup sports betting. All offer a great platform to bet on and are trustworthy and reliable.

Ladbrokes Word Cup 2018 Live Betting

Ladbrokes is considered to be pretty much the crème de la crème of the live sports betting world. We are sure that Ladbrokes customers will enjoy a flood of constant live betting options during the World Cup. The odds at Ladbrokes are always top of the range too, so you can be sure of getting the best deal.

  • Great selection of statistics during matches
  • Live bets can be made extremely quickly
  • Ladbrokes app is particularly well designed for live betting

Bet 365 World Cup 2018 Live Betting

Bet 365 offers a fantastic in-play platform to enjoy live betting. Bet 365 is one of the very best sports betting sites to use if you want to focus on live betting at the World Cup.

  • Very fast betting system to enjoy swift live betting
  • Great, simple design
  • Interactive pitches with statistics

Paddy Power World Cup 2018 Live Betting

Paddy Power is another solid choice for all your live World Cup betting needs. Whilst perhaps not quite at the level as the two aforementioned sportsbooks, it is nonetheless a good choice.

  • Good choice of live betting options
  • Very competitive odds
  • An app which is designed to function seamlessly with live sports betting

The World Cup is always a magnificent occasion and for sports betting enthusiasts it provides many opportunities to get fully immersed in sports betting. Live betting can be enjoyed at most sports betting sites these days but as with all betting, there are those sportsbooks which stand out above the rest for their live betting service. The sports betting sites we have mentioned will all be great options if you want to get involved in World Cup sports betting.

And ultimately, if you want to get aboard with World Cup betting, why would you not get involved with live betting? It really doesn’t get any more exciting for sports betters and in the modern-day, the options are plentiful. Now we just have to wait for the action to begin!