Japan Starting Eleven

The FIFA World Cup may only be a few weeks away but we have still yet to learn any of the participating teams and their respective players that are due to take part in their first matches. It’s all well and good bringing 23 players to Russia, but which ones will compete in the opening match of the season?

Japan, like every other nation, has not yet announced who will play in their first match against Colombia. Here are all 23 players they have chosen to take to Russia for the World Cup:

  • Kawashima, Higashiguchi, Nakamura, Nagatomo, Makino, Endo, Yoshida, Sakai, Sakai, Shoji, Ueda, Hasebe, Aoyama, Honda, Inui, Kagawa, Yamaguchi, Haraguchi, Usami, Shibasaki, Oshima, Misao, Ideguchi, Okazaki, Osako, Muto, Asano

From here, we can ascertain who exactly will be on the pitch in the Japan v Colombia match through speculation. Here is what we would consider to be the Japanese dream team:

  • GK: Kawashima
  • DF: Makino, Endo, Yoshida, Sakai
  • MF: Hasebe, Aoyama, Honda, Inui, Kagawa
  • F: Osako, Muto, Asano

As you can clearly see, we have quite the line-up here and we expect them to make a splash when Japan enters the World Cup.