Japan World Cup 2018 odds are not very big, but their current position in group H is very favourable to this team as it doesn’t have football teams that Japan couldn’t potentially beat.

Everybody knows that Japan is one of the less powerful teams in the tournament, but it doesn’t mean that they’ve got nothing to show either. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Alternatively, if you have no such patience, read this review below and you might get a better idea of odds on Japan winning World Cup 2018 and what to expect from this AFC-winning national team.

Japan World Cup 2018 Odds

Odds on Japan to win world cup 2018 are very low, but the team would definitely consider it a victory if they advanced to the quarter-finals or possibly even the round of 16.

The latter achievement is what Japan has managed to do twice in history, but they have never gone any further because the remaining occasions when they participated were even less successful.

Speaking of these occasions, they have qualified five times before, at every single tournament starting from 1998. Considering that their previous results were worse, it seems that Japan is getting better and better at it.

Today, the team is full of talented players so Japan to win World Cup 2018 odds are higher than ever, even if they’re still quite low on the grand scale.

They have also won the most matches during the qualification this year, which would also indicate that they’re ready to reach higher than before.

Japan Odds to Win World Cup

Japan also did better during every second appearance in the World Cup, so if this pattern holds true this year, they should at least advance from their group.

As promising as this sound, odds on Japan winning 2018 World Cup are rather depressing if you’re a Japanese or a local fan of the team.

Looking at various sports betting sites, you’d find that the odds of 250/1 are the usual, making this team one of the less likely winners, at least according to the opinion of sports betting sites and their experts.

On the bright side, they’re higher than those of South Korea, Australia and Saudi Arabia — teams that Japan had to play against in AFC confederation. Looking from the perspective of that part of the world, odds for Japan to win World Cup 2018 make for their best hope.

Japan World Cup Fixtures

World Cup 2018 Japan fixtures include three matches in the group so far. Since it’s Group H, the very last one, the matches will start late and end the last too. If they qualify to the elimination stage, their next matches will start on July.

Group opponents are very important for an underdog team like Japan and affect odds Japan win World Cup 2018 too, so that’s what we’ll focus on next.

Japan World Cup Group Matches

The other three teams in group H include:

All the teams are serious threats for Japan, but they’re not entirely out of Japan’s league, so Japan has a fair chance at going further. The worst odds Japan World Cup 2018 has so far is against Poland and Colombia.

You’ll see that at sports betting sites, Japan’s matches don’t offer huge odds for this team either, but it wouldn’t be smart to bet on the other side every time without thinking a second time about it.

Betting odds Japan to win World Cup 2018 are low, but they have been participating for 20 years without a break and are gradually getting better at it, so don’t be surprised to see Japan in the quarter-finals one day.