This year’s FIFA World Cup is going to be interesting and unique for several reasons. One of them is the fact that we’ll see some teams which we haven’t seen before on the turf at FIFA World Cups or saw them only very long ago.

Iceland is one of the teams that has never played at this prestigious tournament before. So while the odds on Iceland winning World Cup 2018 are small, it doesn’t mean that it has no chance in going any further than the group stage.

The national team of Iceland is actually in the best form that they have ever been. While they used to lose the majority of their international matches, they have turned this pyramid of statistics on its head, winning much more often than losing.

It’s not surprising, then, that they’re in the top 25 international football teams in the world today. This alone greatly increases the odds on Iceland to win World Cup 2018, even if they’re still considerably small.

Iceland World Cup 2018 Odds

Iceland World Cup 2018 odds are low, but you don’t have to place an outright bet. There are many other options that are far more realistic and still pay well.

For example, if you believe that they have a fair chance of reaching the quarter-finals, you can place a bet on just that and get roughly 12x your bet if this turns out to be true.

Even better odds (yet smaller wins) are available on bets like ‘teams to reach the second round’ or ‘teams not to advance to the second round’. The best odds Iceland World Cup 2018 can be found on these latter markets.

Iceland World Cup Odds to Win

Speaking of the actual odds on Iceland winning 2018 World Cup instead of just reaching the elimination round, it will take much more guts to place an outright bet on this team.

Sure, the odds are 250/1, so you could win a fortune very easily. But it would take a miracle for Iceland to win it all, especially since it’s their debut performance at FIFA World Cup.

Their Group is going to be very interesting as all the teams in it are capable. Group D consists of:

  • Argentina
  • Iceland
  • Croatia
  • Nigeria

The road will not be easy from the looks of it. However, judging from what Iceland’s national team has already shown, they might just reach that group of 16.

Iceland World Cup Qualifying Table

One of the reasons why we believe that Iceland can compete against the likes of Croatia is their qualifying table. For Iceland to win World Cup 2018 odds are factually low but the team might still be a little underrated.

Just take a look at their qualification matches. They won their group, claiming the right to go to the tournament directly by beating teams such as:

  • Croatia
  • Ukraine
  • Turkey
  • Finland
  • Kosovo

So, when thinking of betting odds Iceland to win World Cup 2018, consider these matches and their statistics first.

World Cup 2018 Winner Odds and World Cup 2018 Iceland Fixtures

The favourites to win the World Cup 2018 this year include Germany, Brazil, France and Spain. Iceland is far behind the top teams, but football is full of surprises.

Since Iceland has already started surprising us with their gameplay, the odds for Iceland to win World Cup 2018 might grow very fast if they continue performing the way they did these past two years.

Today, the odds Iceland win World Cup 2018 are only 250/1, which isn’t surprising as it’s their debut in FIFA World Cup. However, the odds will change and you can always place bets in other markets rather than just outright bets.