Germany is the current title-holder of the FIFA World Cup, having won the trophy back in 2014. That’s just one of many reasons why the odds on Germany winning World Cup 2018 are among the highest ones.

Sports betting sites offer the same odds on Brazil only, while all the other teams are given lower odds and higher payouts.

Defending the title of a world champion is no easy task, however, and four years is enough time for the team to have drastically changed — for better or worse.

That being said, let’s explore the current standings of Germany’s national football team and see how that translates to the odds Germany World Cup 2018 has this summer.

Germany World Cup Qualifying Schedule

Another reason why odds on Germany to win World Cup 2018 are so high lies in their performance at qualifying matches. They participated among 51 other teams in the UEFA confederation, in a group of six teams.

Each team played 10 matches in total, twice against each of the other teams in the group. Germany was the only national team in the entire FIFA World Cup qualification stage of UEFA that won every single match they played.

The countries they played against included:

  • Northern Ireland
  • Czech Republic
  • Norway
  • Azerbaijan
  • San Marino

That’s ten victories, 43 goals scored and only four goals received. Of course, many of the teams they played against weren’t top class, but it still says a lot about their readiness. In short, we aren’t surprised with the Germany World Cup 2018 odds at all.

FIFA World Cup Germany Team

The third main reason that caused the rise of odds on Germany winning 2018 World Cup is their current resources. Joachim Löw has more skilled and experienced players than any other national football team has today.

This includes both forward players, midfielders and defenders and there are lots of possible line-ups. Not only does this open many strategic paths for the team, it makes it very difficult for the other teams to predict what they’re up against at this point.

There’s no point in listing all the talent Germany has, so we’ll just remind you of some forward players that are capable of leading their team to victory and proving that odds Germany win World Cup 2018 are correct:

  • Müller
  • Werner
  • Gomez
  • Özil
  • Wagner
  • Götze
  • Petersen
  • Reus
  • Sané
  • Draxler
  • Younes

Again, these are just the players whose bread and butter is scoring goals. That’s how resourceful Germany is.

Finally, Joachim Löw himself is an experienced coach who has already won one FIFA World Cup trophy. This also gives some major points and influences an increase of Germany to win World Cup 2018 odds.

Germany World Cup 2018 Odds and World Cup 2018 Germany Fixtures

We’ve been talking about why the current champions are likely to repeat their recent success. However, we haven’t actually told what the betting odds Germany to win World Cup 2018 are.

If you haven’t checked yourself, most bookies online and on mobile devices today offer 9/2 payout for an outright bet on Germany. Having assessed the main factors here, we believe that it’s a reasonable offer.

The payout rate does reflect the chances, though if you aren’t willing to risk that much, you can still place bets in safer markets and increase your bankroll in small steps. Germany is a great team that you can count on in this case.

Although it’s extremely difficult to win FIFA World Cup trophy twice in a row, Germany looks very potent this year. Therefore, the 9/2 odds for Germany to win World Cup 2018 are pretty accurate the way we look at it.