Today, we’re going to show you just how strong the odds on France to win World Cup 2018 may be.

As the World Cup 2018 is only a month or so away, you may have made your guesses already on who is the favourite to win. Don’t worry! You won’t be considered a traitor if you don’t support England because of this, at least not to sensible people.

As it is, France appears to have a better standing to take the World Cup. In case you’re still dubious, we have compiled all the numbers which dictate the odds France World Cup victory will occur. We strongly believe they have a fair chance, given their history.

However, it is entirely possible that France have a bad day and all their chances are squandered so take all these figures with a punch of salt. They will almost certainly move into the next round. If not, then they must seriously be off their game for once… Here’s out take on all the odds France World Cup 2018.

France at World Cup 2018 Qualifiers

France did very well in the World Cup 2018 qualifiers, managing to smash all their opponents to reach the top. This should go without saying, seeing as they are in the World Cup alongside all the other top teams in Europe.

Here are all the other teams from Europe that made it:

  • Sweden
  • Portugal
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Luxemburg
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Poland
  • Serbia
  • England
  • Spain
  • Iceland
  • Croatia
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Denmark
  • of Ireland
  • Northern Ireland

As you can see, there are many contenders among the European teams, meaning by process of elimination the likely winner of the World Cup will be European. Unless Brazil comes along and thrashes everybody. Still, anything is possible, as we have seen countless times.

Looking at their performance in other matches, France have a pretty good chance of doing so. They faced off against other teams in the final for the World Cup after all, and have won it in 1998. Still, that’s only once and does not indicate it will happen again.

TL; DR — France performed very well in the qualifiers and it looks as though their chances of moving onto the next round are set in stone.

Odds on France vs Australia Match

The first match France will partake in will be against Australia on 16th June, representing the first round of matches to qualify for the next round. They also contribute greatly to odds for France to win World Cup 2018. According to betting odds, France is extremely likely to win, given their track record is much stronger than Australia’s.

That isn’t to say Australia still couldn’t beat them. Through an immense stroke of luck, they could end up thrashing the French and going into the next round.

Here are the most accurate odds we have found which also align with our theory as to who is most likely to win:

  • France — 79%
  • Draw — 16%
  • Australia — 5%

Not strong chances, at not in comparison to France to win World Cup 2018 odds, but a chance all the same. We would recommend going for France to win the World Cup 2018 however as that would doubtless be a better investment. If your odds of winning are lower than a draw, then you know coming out on top probably isn’t for you.

That being said not all statistics are entirely reflective of reality. What if one of France’s best players sustained an injury? Anything could happen so it’s always best not to be hasty and make the bet as close to the time of the match as possible. They could always change, after all.

TL;DR — France will almost certainly flatten Australia and move onto the next round. If they do not, it will be surprising! Odds France win World Cup 2018 are that strong.

Odds on France Winning 2018 World Cup

The odds on France winning World Cup 2018 are fairly strong. Given that France is a statistically good team to root for as they have won the cup once already, it isn’t farfetched to assume France World Cup odds are outlandish. On the contrary, we’d put them in our top five teams to win alongside Germany, Italy, Spain and Brazil.

If you want to doublecheck your numbers, however, we don’t blame you. Let’s examine the exact odds of France to win World Cup 2018:

  • Sky Bet — 6/1
  • Oddschecker — 2/5
  • Bwin — 13/2

Clearly, France has a strong chance of winning the world cup entirely on those odds. But they might change depending who they go up against. If the tides change somewhat, we urge you to change your bets accordingly as you could save yourself some cash.

If you wish to bet on France winning this far in advance, we caution you to rethink your strategy. As we have specified, it’s difficult to foresee everything that will happen in the World Cup (obviously!) so you need to see how France does in its first match before seeing if they win the World Cup, even if their chances are one of the strongest.

TL;DR — Betting odds France to win World Cup 2018 are promising but you should approach betting on them with caution; anything can change!  

Other Possible Bets

If France doesn’t go into the next round after its first match, then you can always make alternative bets. After all, not every team is a winning team, and if you don’t like France World Cup 2018 Odds (we can’t imagine why!) there are different routes you can take.

You can, for example, predict if France will make the first goal in any match they partake in. This is probably the better option as it is safe enough to be almost certain and not as risky as the promise of France winning everything. World Cup 2018 France fixtures make this almost unnecessary, if we’re frank, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bet on it either way.

Alternatively, you can bet on them getting into the next round, if not winning the World Cup. It would be a massive surprise if they don’t but, again, nothing is impossible. It’s almost impossible to say that nothing will do wrong because it would be incorrect.

In conclusion, betting odds from France to win the World Cup are very bountiful and could make many players happy if they bet on it.