FIFA World Rankings 2018

The World Cup 2018 gets underway in just under a month’s time, on the 14th June, with international football’s hottest and strongest teams travelling to Russia to compete in the finals. All of the teams who have reached this stage in the competition have faced gruelling qualification campaigns, and from 209 member associations, 32 teams now remain.

Of those 32 teams, 20 were present at the final rounds in 2014 World Cup in Brazil, whilst two (Panama and Iceland) will be making their World Cup debuts this year. What’s more, both the 2014 World Cup winners and the 2010 World Cup winners, Germany and Spain, will be competing, alongside the Euro 2016 winners, Portugal, and five-time World Cup winners Brazil, Belgium, England, Uruguay, and Argentina.

There’s clearly going to be plenty of talent on display in Russia, which makes it all the more difficult to predict who will lift the trophy. That being said, here at GoWin we’ve been doing extensive research to make sure we can provide all of our readers with a comprehensive guide, which will hopefully help you place some smart World Cup wagers this summer.

One of the best ways to weigh up each country’s chances of winning the World Cup 2018 is to take a look at the FIFA World Rankings 2018. These rankings show how successful a team have been in their recent matches, as well as how they’ve performed in the past year in general.

What Are The FIFA/Coca-Cola World Rankings?

FIFA (The International Federation of Association Football) is an association which describes itself as the international governing body of association football. They are also responsible for the organization of football’s major international tournaments, including the 2018 World Cup.

The FIFA World Rankings serve to provide fans, journalists, players (and anyone else), with up to date information about how the international teams stack up against each other. This makes them perfect for predicting who has a likely chance of winning the World Cup 2018 in Russia.

How Are the FIFA World Rankings 2018 Calculated?

Before we can get into where this year’s 32 final World Cup 2018 teams place within the FIFA Men’s Rankings, we thought it was best to shed some light on how the rankings are calculated.

Essentially, the FIFA Men’s ranking procedure gives points to any team that succeeds in international football. These points help the team climb the world ranking, and therefore be considered better or worse than other international teams.

A team’s total number of points is calculated over a four-year period, and is determined by adding:

  • The average number of points gained from matches during the past 12 months
  • The average number of points gained from matches older than 12 months (depreciates yearly)

The number of points given for a single match depends on four different criterions:

  • Match Result
  • Importance of Match
  • Strength of Opposing Team
  • Strength of Confederation

The Top 50 FIFA Men’s World Ranking Teams 2018

Below you can find out where the top 50 international teams place within the FIFA World Ranking 2018, their current number of points and whether or not they have qualified for this year’s World Cup tournament.

Please note, all rankings are correct as of 16/5/2018.

Rank Team Total Points World Cup 2018
1 Germany 1533 Qualified
2 Brazil 1384 Qualified
3 Belgium 1346 Qualified
4 Portugal 1306 Qualified
5 Argentina 1254 Qualified
6 Switzerland 1179 Qualified
7 France 1166 Qualified
8 Spain 1162 Qualified
9 Chile 1146 Did Not Qualify
10 Poland 1118 Qualified
11 Peru 1106 Qualified
12 Denmark 1054 Qualified
13 England 1040 Qualified
14 Tunisia 1012 Qualified
15 Mexico 1008 Qualified
16 Colombia 989 Qualified
17 Uruguay 976 Qualified
18 Croatia 975 Qualified
19 Netherlands 969 Did Not Qualify
20 Italy 947 Did Not Qualify
21 Wales 931 Did Not Qualify
22 Iceland 930 Qualified
23 Sweden 889 Qualified
24 USA 880 Did Not Qualify
25 Costa Rica 858 Qualified
26 Austria 841 Did Not Qualify
27 Northern Ireland 837 Did Not Qualify
28 Senegal 825 Qualified
29 Slovakia 786 Did Not Qualify
30 Ukraine 777 Did Not Qualify
31 Republic of Ireland 776 Did Not Qualify
32 Romania 737 Did Not Qualify
33 Paraguay 737 Did Not Qualify
34 Scotland 735 Did Not Qualify
35 Serbia 732 Qualified
36 Iran 727 Qualified
37 Turkey 714 Did Not Qualify
38 Congo 711 Did Not Qualify
39 Venezuela 709 Did Not Qualify
40 Australia 700 Qualified
41 Bosnia and Herzegovina 688 Did Not Qualify
42 Morocco 681 Qualified
43 Montenegro 671 Did Not Qualify
44 Greece 657 Did Not Qualify
45 Czech Republic 647 Did Not Qualify
46 Egypt 636 Qualified
47 Nigeria 635 Qualified
48 Jamaica 612 Did Not Qualify
49 Norway 608 Did Not Qualify
50 Hungary 604 Did Not Qualify

Other Qualified Teams’ FIFA World Rankings

As you can see from the table above, of the 50 top teams in the FIFA Men’s Rankings, only 27 have qualified for the 2018 World Cup. This leaves 5 teams remaining who rank outside the top 50.

Rank Team Total Points World Cup 2018
55 Panama 575 Qualified
60 Japan 528 Qualified
61 Korea Republic 520 Qualified
66 Russia (Host Nation) 493 Qualified
70 Saudi Arabia 445 Qualified