There aren’t a lot of places where FIFA World Cup is a bigger deal than it is in England. We’ve been participating in these tournaments a lot and only a few countries have done it more than us.

It’s been a long time since we won or reached semi-finals though. Is 2018 going to be different? What are the odds on England winning World Cup 2018? We won’t know that until June, but before that we can speculate and place some calculated bets while at it.

If you want to learn what are the real odds England World Cup 2018 and whether the odds offered by the bookies are right, you’re in the right place.

England 2018 World Cup Odds

According to FIFA ranking, England is 13th best team today. If we take other criteria into account, then we might rise up to the 7th place. So England’s national teams look pretty well, at least on paper.

The odds on England to win World Cup 2018 at sports betting sites online reflect this too. As of today, the payout for an outright bet on England pays 16 to one. That’s one of the highest odds available in this market, so it definitely looks promising.

Does England deserve such high expectations though?

Let’s take an unbiased look at the team’s performance at the qualifying rounds. In the UEFA qualifiers, England played in Group F which consisted of the following teams (aside from England itself):

  • Slovakia
  • Scotland
  • Slovenia
  • Lithuania
  • Malta

Both Slovakia and Scotland have talented teams with much potential, yet England managed to play all 10 of its matches without a single loss and only two draws.

Playing without losses can only be attributed to a few other teams so far, which means that England World Cup 2018 odds might not be far-fetched at all.

England World Cup Group

In the World Cup itself, England was drafted into Group G which includes three other teams:

  • Belgium
  • Panama
  • Tunisia

The first one of those has been doing very well lately and is actually considered one of the tournament’s favourites. England definitely has the chance to win against Belgium though, which means that the other two teams should cause no trouble at all.

That being said, we believe you can safely bet in the elimination round market regardless of the odds on England winning 2018 World Cup.

Judging from the Group H, we’d say that England definitely has a fair chance of reaching quarter-finals too. After that, odds England win World Cup 2018 would probably decrease quite significantly as some of the possible opponents at that point include both Germany and Brazil.

World Cup 2018 England Fixtures

The first match England will play at this World Cup is on 18th June against Tunisia. Panama is next on the list and the greatest challenge — Belgium — is saved for the last.

Such a schedule is favourable we believe, as the team will be able to focus on winning the easy battles, so the match against Belgium will possibly not become the matter of life and death.

Then again, for England to win World Cup 2018 odds will change as soon as the first matches start, so if you agree that England will advance to the next stage and would like to bet on it online, it’s best to start doing that as soon as possible.

England World Cup Winners?

Having said all that, we don’t think that betting odds England to win World Cup 2018 are fair at sports betting sites. 16/1 is a comparably high percentage — one which is likely a bit lower in reality.

Therefore, if we were you, we’d probably bet on England in the market of teams to reach quarter-finals. Today, the odds for that are 8/11, which isn’t much, but it’s a safer bet than one on the semi-finalists or the winner.

Of course, if you think the odds for England to win World Cup 2018 are higher than we envisioned, you’re more than welcome to prove us wrong and win a handy sum of cash at the same time. We’d honestly love that to happen.