The Pharaoh is back in the World Cup, and this time around, we do think that Egypt stands a good chance in going far in this prestigious tournament. Topping Group E with a game to spare in the World Cup qualifiers, Egypt is the second team to book their spot to compete in Russia.

What’s more interesting is that this is Egypt’s first appearance in 28 years. Talk to anyone in the region, and they will tell you the same thing – football in Egypt is on the rise. In fact, we think that it is at an all-time high given how well Egypt has performed thus far.

Should you support Egypt in the quest to go far in the 2018 World Cup in Russia? Yes, yes, and yes! We would go a notch further and even suggest that you bet a small portion from your betting fund on them. Being underdogs, the odds against them are high, and if they cause any upsets (which they are perfectly capable of), anyone who placed money on them would be walking home with a massive payout.

Egypt In The FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 So Far

With a talisman in the team in the form of Liverpool’s Mohamad Salah and other experienced players, Egypt will be capitalizing on all of their players’ skillsets to maximize odds on Egypt winning World Cup 2018.

Speaking of Mohamad Salah, he had already successfully scored 71 per cent of Egypt’s goals in the Russia 2018 qualifying rounds, scoring in almost every game. No doubt Salah has earned the title “one man army” within his fellow countrymen.

If that didn’t convince you, Mohamed Salah catapulted his team to victory in the 94th minute by scoring one of the most important goals in Egypt’s football history to secure a 2-1 win against Congo. The ‘one man army” title seems to be extremely fitting eh?

On top of having quality players in the team, another key person in Egypt’s team is no other than Hector Cuper – the coach. Having coached some of the biggest teams in the world like Valencia and Internazionale, Hector Cuper has started working his magic on Egypt since March 2015.

Unsurprisingly, he has effortlessly led the pharaohs into the 2017 CAF Africa Cup finals and even helped Egypt qualify for the World Cup after a staggering 28 years. Egypt has qualified in spectacular fashion too, having topped Group E in the qualifiers.

Experiences and Performances – World Cup 2018 Egypt Fixtures

Including the World Cup 2018, Egypt has qualified to play on the main stage on three occasions (1934, 1990 and 2018). In the first attempt at the World Cup in 1934, they went all the way to the finals, becoming the first ever African team to do so.

Since 1934, the only other time they played in the World Cup was in 1990, becoming the team with the longest gap (56 years) between playing two FIFA World Cup matches. This time round, it took them approximately 18 years to qualify once again. Theoretically, the Egypt to win World Cup 2018 odds are at its highest now.

Placed in Group A alongside Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Uruguay, we feel that Egypt stands a pretty good chance of being top 2.

Aside from Uruguay, Egypt should be able to come on top of the others if they are able to execute their strategy cleanly by giving space to Mohamed Salah. If that happens, the odds Egypt win World Cup 2018 will be higher than what it is currently.

While it is still a long shot for Egypt to go all the way to the finals as they did in 1934, we will not count them out altogether either. Being the underdog with key players and an experienced coach, they may very well make history repeat again.

Egypt World Cup 2018 Odds And Predictions

With less than 30 days from the start of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, it’s about time that all of us start putting our money where our mouths are. Of course, in order to place bets, we should all place them only after understanding all of the details and odds for Egypt to win world cup 2018.

In our humble opinion, there are favorites in every tournament. Think Brazil and Germany in this case. However, there are also always dark horses in major tournaments. More often than not, these dark horses, who are also often underdogs cause major upsets and rake in tons of money for those who bet on them. The question remains – is Egypt a dark horse that we should be vary of?

Starting in Group A alongside Russia, Saudi Arabia and Uruguay, there is still a chance for Egypt to top this group. It is definitely going to be an uphill struggle especially with Uruguay in the way, but there is a small chance nonetheless.

Odds On Egypt To Win World Cup 2018

Let’s get straight to the point here. Tabulated by reputable sources ESPN, the odds for Egypt to win the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia is a 150-1. Similar betting odds Egypt to win World Cup 2018 can be found across various bookmakers, citing numbers all the way from 150 to 300-1.

Odds Egypt World Cup 2018 To Advance Out Of Group Stages

The main hurdle here for Egypt to advance out would be Uruguay. Currently, Uruguay sports significantly better odds than the odds on Egypt winning 2018 World Cup at a staggering 33-1. Uruguay also has more experience with 12 appearances in the previous World Cups.

To make things more difficult for Egypt, Uruguay has 5 semifinals appearances, 2 final appearances and 2 championship titles (1930 and 1950).

To defeat Uruguay, Egypt will have to execute perfectly in every aspect possible. We can only hope that Mohamed Salah and his team will be in top form when they take on the goliaths, Uruguay.