World Cup 2018 Odds at Mansion Sport


In today’s post, we’re going to tell you why you should be placing bets on the World Cup at Mansion Bet Casino.

With the World Cup 2018 almost upon us, it’s easy to find various sports betting sites where you could make your bets on this massive event. They aren’t exactly in short supply.

It can be difficult, however, to know precisely which sites offer the best odds to their players. You could be betting on one site only to find better odds on another site you didn’t even know existed yet everybody else seems to know it did.

You don’t want to get caught out, especially when there’s money involved. That’s why we’re here today to recommend an awesome sports betting site to you all: Mansion Bet Casino.

Read on to find out what makes Mansion so cool.

The Good Things About Mansion

There are plenty of reasons to join up to Mansion Bet, so many in fact we don’t think we can physically list all of them.

We’ll make a damn good try, however, seeing as they are one of the top places to make bets for the World Cup 2018. Few others are on our list of recommendations and that’s no joke.

Here’s what makes Mansion so good:

  • Awesome Odds: There are few other places where you would find odds as good as this to do with the World Cup. Bet £10 and get nearly £150 in return.
  • Awesome Look: We wholly appreciate that looks does not a good sports betting site make but Mansion simply looks too good to ignore this.
  • Awesome Promos: With a live casino cashback every weekend, you can be sure that Mansion are very generous when it comes to giving players what they want.
  • Plenty of Sports: In addition to the World Cup and football in general, Mansion has plenty going for it. From golf to horse racing, whatever sport you care to name, you can probably bet on it at Mansion casino.
  • Plenty of Guidance: In addition to varied content, you have various points of reference too so that you can easily navigate your way through the site and make bets accordingly.

And there are many, many more reasons beside but like we said, it would be a lot to read if we listed them all.

TL;DR — Mansion Bet Casino has a lot of good things about it that every player looks for.

What they Could Improve On

Now, not every sports betting site is perfect. This includes Mansion, which we would be hard-pressed to find anything flawed about though we tried.

While far from a flawed sports betting sites, we think there are a couple of things they could improve upon.

For instance, the site is good to look at, but we had trouble finding our way around it. It look us a while to find the World Cup odds and when we did we were a little frustrated that it should have taken us this long to find it.

Tl;DR — Mansion is great but not perfect. There are a few thing sit could improve upon.