World Cup 2018 Odds at Guts Casino

It’s official: the online sports betting world has World Cup fever. With the first match just over a month away on the 14th of June, casinos all over the Internet are releasing their odds.

Sports punters across the world are scurrying around to compare sportsbook offers, to find the one that offers the most favourable odds on their favourite teams. In this article, we focus on World Cup 2018 odds at Guts Casino.

One of the most exciting destinations on our radar is Guts Casino. This sportsbook will be the home of live sports betting action from now until the end of the World Cup.

This popular sportsbook by Guts Casino will organize games … So, get swept up by World Cup fever and visit Guts Casino stat!

About Guts Casino’s Sportsbook

Guts Casino is a relatively new sportsbook operator. It was opened in 2013 and has only been around for one World Cup! Yet, this is a name that should not be missed. As you know, Guts Casino’s casino and poker rooms is well-known for its quality AND quantity.

The site employs cutting edge technology to deploy its giant portfolio of games. The same can be said for its sportsbook.

The Guts Casino Sportsbook has an astounding variety of markets. The sportsbook has hundreds of markets to bet on for each sport and over 4,000 for this World Cup!

There are also a huge number of odd levels and betting options, so that you can make the most money for your buck. In fact, Guts Casino offers one of the most extensive betting options in the business.

Guts Casino’s odds prices are also some of the best in the industry. With an overall return to player of 93% and 94-95.9% in football, Guts Casino makes sure that its players get a good return for every dollar. For this reason alone, it cements its position in sports fans’ hearts.

Finally, few more hygiene factors that make Guts Casino a shoo-in for your World Cup 2018 betting activity:

  • Great customer service — real human customer service available around the clock
  • Top-notch security and full licenses — you can play with a peace of mind knowing that all your transactions and personal data is securely handled
  • Simple user interface — you can easily place bets within seconds because it is that easy!
  • Live betting — You can place bets right in the middle of a live game.
  • Good promotions year round — At the time of writing, Guts Casino offers bet cashouts in the middle of the game for all football matches as well as a €10 bonus on Sundays for last minute goals.

Tips For Betting On Guts Casino World Cup 2018

Analysts and fans alike are making predictions. After all, sports betting adds extra excitement to the season by putting some skin in the game. Before you dive into the numbers and pages upon pages of analysis, we thought of throwing in a few tips on how to predict the football World Cup 2018. Newbies, read closely!

  1. Keep a close eye on how the teams perform at group stage
  2. Check the team’s match schedules after the group stage to see they are going up against
  3. Analyze the opponents of the teams you’re rooting for, such as the other teams in the group
  4. Consider the history of the teams in previous World Cup tournaments as well as during the qualification period
  5. Study the player thoroughly, including their international match performance record, their fitness levels before the World Cup, any injuries and so on
  6. Most importantly, do not play under the influence of emotion!

Guts Casino’s World Cup 2018 Odds

Guts Casino is packed to the brim with World Cup action. 4000+ markets have already opened for betting. Based on our latest information, here are Guts Casino’s odds for a few of the most popular betting markets.

Do note that these odds are constantly revised and updated based on the latest ongoings.

FIFA World Cup – Winner

  • Brazil 5/1
  • Germany 5/1
  • Spain 7/1
  • France   5/1
  • Argentina 10/1

World Cup 2018 – Top Goal Scorer (Golden Shoe)

  • Lionel Messi 25/1
  • Neymar Jr 25/1
  • Cristiano Ronaldo 13.25/1
  • Antoine Griezmann 14/1
  • Gabriel Jesus 5/1

World Cup 2018 – Winner and Top Goal Scorer

  • Brazil / Neymar 24/1
  • Germany / Messi 30/1
  • Argentina / Messi 30/1
  • Germany / Werner 36/1
  • Germany / Neymar 36/1

World Cup 2018 – Player of the Tournament (Golden Ball)

World Cup 2018 – Team to Score Most Goals

World Cup 2018 – Top 3

  • Germany 15
  • Brazil 25
  • France 35
  • Spain 65
  • Argentina 5

Head over to Guts Casino yourself to view the full odds for markets above as well as a long list of other markets. There are 4,230 markets in total!

It truly is a football fiesta at Guts Casino. To name a few popular markets, you could bet on:

  • When each country’s team is eliminated (Group Stage, Round of 16, Quarter Final, Semi-Final, Runner-up or Winner)
  • Whether the team will reach the final (Yes, No)
  • Group stage betting (Results for each group. Who is the favourite to finish first)
  • Key match betting (Results, number of goals, number of yellow/red cards, etc.)
  • Which is the top goal scorer for each team
  • Which is the best team in each continent

From nail-biting clashes to clear winners, there are tonnes of markets to participate in. Do you feel strongly about your national team? Would you place your bets on defending champion and crowd favourite, Germany?

Or would you vouch for the teams that must work slightly harder like Portugal and Chile? Why not join Guts Casino today and see if you can predict the winner of the 2018 World Cup?