World Cup 2018 Odds at Betfred

Betfred sports betting site is one of the places online and on mobile where you can place bets related to World Cup 2018 this summer. In fact, it’s a site that you should really get used to visiting if you haven’t yet.

While it doesn’t have a lot of different sports markets for you to bet on, football is among the most popular sports at Betfred. So when World Cup 2018 kicks off, you will definitely find a lot of options over there.

FIFA World Cup 2018 at Betfred

Whether you’re reading this before the World Cup has begun or after that, there are lots of World Cup 2018 odds Betfred allows you to consider and place wagers on.

It’s a huge event, as big as it gets when it comes to football. As a result, all the various markets and choices for punters here reflect that.

The markets related to FIFA World Cup 2018 at Betfred include:

  • Outright bets on the winner of the World Cup
  • Stage of elimination each particular team will reach
  • Group betting on the teams that will qualify for the elimination stage
  • Bet on the finalist teams
  • Group stage matches where you can bet on particular outcomes of each and every group round match
  • Group straight forecast, including the two teams qualifying from at least one of the groups and their order
  • Dual group bet, including two qualifying teams in no particular order
  • Bet on the teams which will end up last in their groups
  • Bet on exact position in the group of a particular team
  • And many other group-related bets

Betfred Odds World Cup 2018

The odds at Betfred are more or less fixed before the World Cup 2018 actually kicks off. At that point, they will start changing and fluctuating, so if you want to participate in World Cup 2018 betting, you might as well start looking at it right now.

As already mentioned, you can bet on the outcomes of the group matches, including the group elimination and scores of separate matches as well.

On the other hand, there are outright bets and elimination stage bets where you can take a guess on the winner. Or if you think that, say, Argentina won’t win but will reach semi-finals instead and take third or fourth place, you can bet on that outcome too.

In fact, now is the best time to do it before the first matches are played and the strength of each team is more obvious!

Betfred Football Fixed Odds

The odds Betfred sports betting site offers are fixed, but it doesn’t mean they won’t change for the upcoming events. As time goes by and other players place more and more bets of their own, the odds can shift quite significantly.

For now, for example, the outright odds of Brazil winning the Cup are 9/2. The same odds for Panama are 1000/1. If the latter manages to survive the group stage, though, they will definitely not be so lucrative anymore.

The bottom point is that Betfred allows you to look at this huge celebration for the football community and fans in many different perspectives. Make sure you use this advantage and your knowledge as best as you can when gambling.