World Cup 2018 Odds at Betfair

As domestic football campaigns across the globe draw to a close, attention is turning towards Russia as they prepare to host the 21st World Cup. It will be the first ever time Russia has hosted the competition and preparations have been under way since way back in December 2010, when Russia was chosen as the host nation.

The squads for each country have not been finalised and submitted as of yet, but you can be sure that international coaches are well into the process of formulating their plans and strategy ahead of the big kick-off next month.

Of course, the World Cup will be a very busy time for sports betting sites as they compete for gambler’s custom. Today we are going to have a look into the popular sports betting site, Betfair, to see what World Cup betting options it currently has on offer for us.


Betfair is a familiar face in the sports betting world with an extensive sportsbook on offer. Betfair merged with Irish gambling giant Paddy Power back in February of 2016 but has pretty much maintained its character over the succeeding couple of years.

The site is designed simply, attractively and effectively and is extremely easy to navigate, offering a fantastic selection of sport betting options.

Betfair Sportsbook World Cup Betting Odds

Currently, Betfair has coverage of the main betting markets for the World Cup with a few other interesting possibilities. We do expect the offerings to swell in size over the coming weeks as the domestic seasons finish. Still, here are some of the current odds at Betfair for the most popular World Cup betting markets:

Betfair World Cup Winner Odds

  • Germany 9/2
  • Brazil 9/2
  • France 6/1
  • Spain 11/2
  • Argentina 9/1
  • Belgium 10/1

Betfair World Cup Top Scorer Odds

Betfair have a number of betting options focused on England too, and they are:

  • England captain for the first match
  • England’s top goalscorer
  • Total number of points England will accumulate in the group stage
  • England’s stage of elimination

You can also place a bet, rather peculiarly, on who will make the cut for the Denmark squad from a selection of nine players. We are struggling to conjure up why this is a specific focus too, but it is an option nonetheless.

Bets can also be made on who will win and qualify from each group and the outcome of each group game.

Truthfully, the current odds at Betfair aren’t the best around, and it is more likely than not that you will find more favourable odds elsewhere. As pointed out above, the options at Betfair will become far more numerous over the coming weeks, so don’t be too discouraged by the lack of choices at the moment.

It is worth noting that Betfair are renowned for offering a fantastic mix of betting options, so if you are a sport better who likes unusual and novel bets, Betfair is a great choice for your World Cup betting.

We are very excited indeed for the World Cup to get underway, and we trust you are too. Roll-on June the 14th!