World Cup 2018 Odds at 888 Sport


The World Cup is just around the corner and here at GoWin casino we are scouring the betting markets to see what World Cup betting options we can find. On the 14th June all the action will begin!

888 Sport is perhaps not the first name you think of with sports betting sites. They are not quite at the level of the big boys in the sports betting world, but they do offer some interesting betting options for World Cup betters.

Today we are going to see what World Cup betting is currently on offer at 888 Sport. We will look at the main betting markets as well as the less popular ones providing all the information you keen football fans and betters will need.

888 Sport World Cup Betting, The Main Markets

So first off let’s look at the most popular World Cup betting markets at 888 Sport, along with the odds.

World Cup Winner

  • Brazil 4/1
  • Germany 5/1
  • Spain 6/1
  • France 7/1
  • Argentina 11/1
  • Belgium 11/1

Golden Boot Winner

  • Lionel Messi 9/1
  • Neymar 9/1
  • Antoine Griezmann 14/1
  • Cristiano Ronaldo 14/1
  • Gabriel Jesus 16/1
  • Harry Kane 16/1
  • Timo Werner 16/1

Golden Ball Winner

  • Neymar 6/1
  • Lionel Messi 7/1
  • Cristiano Ronaldo 11/1
  • Antoine Griezmann 17/1
  • Kevin De Bruyne 20/1
  • David Silva 22/1

888 Sport also offers many more standard World Cup betting markets which can be found at most sportsbooks. These include:

  • Player to get the most assists
  • Top-performing country in each continent
  • Who will qualify from each group
  • Who will win each group
  • Individual match betting

888 Sport World Cup Betting, Other Options

We were pleasantly surprised by the number of novel bets available at 888 Sport and the invention the sportsbook has evidently showed. Granted, the majority of these bets are very unlikely to happen, but with such wide odds, wagering a pound or two is tempting.

There are a few bets with huge odds of 5,000/1 which, as you might expect, comprise quite a number of events coming to pass. You will also find betting options relating to whether new tournament records will be set at this year’s World Cup.

Quite a number of random bets can be placed too, one being odds of 50/1 on Harry Kane claiming a goal which is officially awarded to another player. These are definitely worth a look for a bit of fun!

888 Sport offer a good World Cup betting service and we were surprised by the amount of choices on offer. The odds at 888 Sport are generally good but truthfully, many other sports betting sites outperformed 888 Sport on this front, particularly when the bets were on less likely outcomes.

The original World Cup bets at 888 Sport are a particular strong point with this sportsbook. If you are the type of better who likes huge odds and unusual bets, 888 Sport should definitely be on your list.

Overall, we recommend 888 Sport and you can always be assured of a great service with the Maltese outfit. However, for the average World Cup better, we feel that you can find more value and often better odds elsewhere.