World Cup Russia 2018


2018 is quite a year in the football world. Not only have we got 2018 FIFA World Cup in June and July, there are many other events that might be exciting including 2018 FIFA Club World Cup and finals of the Champions League in May. If you’re a football fan, now is a great time to be alive.

Of all the tournaments, championships and events, World Cup is undoubtedly the most exciting, though. It’s the 21st World Cup and this year there are many contenders to take the world champions trophy from Germany.

2018 FIFA World Cup and other major football events are different from the previous ones due to the change in technologies involved too. It’s the first time fans will be able to watch the World Cup matches in so many different ways on demand, including 360° broadcasting and other options.

Finally, betting on FIFA World Cup matches and winners was never as easy as it is in 2018. With countless of mobile sports betting sites and pay by phone options available widely across mobile networks and gambling sites, punters can place bets faster, safer and easier than ever before. We hope you will also enjoy top class football using the new possibilities available in 2018.