Team Sunweb

If you’re a more casual observer of the Tour de France, you may not have heard of the Sunweb team that participates in the race. You may, however, benefit from knowing a bit more about them. Plus, you may also want to know more about their wagering odds.

This is why we’re here today to show you a rundown of the German cycling team. In case you do know a thing or two about them, it may still benefit you if you read on as it may give you a solid idea what to expect come the Tour de France.

Here’s all you need to know about Sunweb as a cycling team and all the expert betting odds that go with them.

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Team Sunweb: Odds and Predictions

With each team taking part in the Tour de France, we have carefully devised expert betting odds, so players can get a better idea who will do well and who will not. That way, they can get money out of those who win the races.

Is Sunweb Likely to Win Tour de France?

In all honesty, we don’t think Sunweb is likely to win the Tour de France. Looking at some of their players and the odds attached to them, we doubt they will win many stages let alone the whole thing. Their track record hasn’t been spell-binding either.

While we think they’re a pretty good team, we believe their chances at winning the Tour de France are remote at best. This is simply due to the fact many other teams are competing and many of them are just too good.

Our Prediction for Sunweb

We think Sunweb will, at best, win or come top in one of the stages bare minimum. Even this prospect is grim, given the calculations we’ve made.

However, we won’t rule out the fact that they could turn things around. After all, every sporting event wouldn’t be a sporting event without a few surprises up one’s sleeve.

Our Betting Tip

If it comes down to it, we wouldn’t recommend making a bet on Sunweb. Your best bet would be to put in as few coins as possible and bet only if their chances of wining a particular stage actually stand up to scrutiny. Not much else we can add to that.

Top 3 Most Popular Riders

If you do, on the other hand, still wish to make a bet or two based on Sunweb, we have come up with some odds for all their top cyclists in the race.

We advise you to examine and judge at your own discretion and with extreme care. In team Sunweb, there’s a few cyclists set up to win some races. Here are their odds:

Phil Bauhaus – 300

Tom Dumoulin – 600

Wilco Kelderman – 750

Michael Matthews – 10

Not the best odds, perhaps, but all the top players expected to get somewhere out of all of Team Sunweb. It’s a wonder as to why more support has been put out there for them, as their expert odds cover more players in their team than most others.

In either case, you can make good betting odds on any of these players and wager on any of them getting the yellow jersey!

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Team Sunweb Origins

As we have said, Sunweb are a German road cycling team that has participated in past Tour de France races and they are due to do so again come the 2018 Tour de France. The team has existed since 2005 so, as you can imagine they have been in the game for a while.

In 2012, they were invited to the Tour de France on a Wildcard invitation, giving the event that much needed unpredictability that keeps it fresh. As you can imagine for a race that has been going now for a hundred years or more, it’s hard to keep things new.

Fast forward to 2018 and you’ve got a solid, decent cycling team that makes for formidable races. That element of unpredictability is still there. Not too unpredictable to make expert betting odds on them, though.

The Team

The Sunweb team comprises of men and women who are dedicated to their craft and have honed their skillset to be a formidable set of cyclists on the road. All because of their extensive merchandise-selling and enormous public profile.

Comprised of both men and women, Team Sunweb doubtlessly ticks off points for diversity and each and every member has been chosen for their peak performance in addition to their enthusiasm for the sport of road cycling. They’ll be sure to put on a show when the Tour de France rolls around later this summer.

But the riders are nothing without the support staff, all of how are of mixed nationalities and show the utmost enthusiasm and expertise when it comes to training their development team. All the development team are a squad of young cyclists that represent the future of Sunweb. You can imagine they will be a pretty grim cycling team without them.

We’ve already talked about who will win out of all the team using our expert betting odds. Our bets are on Michael Matthews, who we expert to power ahead of the rest.


The Sunweb is mostly red and white with strips of black. It’s easily identifiable and offers a stark contrast against other teams who use cooler colours like blue or green to advertise themselves.

On the other hand, Sunweb has a lot of merchandise so it would make sense they would use that colour on literally everything they have.

The bikes predominantly used by Sunweb riders is usually the Giant brand and as well as being hulking beasts they offer plenty of wind resistance and speed. You can see all the Sunweb team members use them this year in the Tour de France later on in the summer.